Just a word my dear summoner.

Peace and quiet, but only for a moment, the bloodshed is about to begin again, the senseless bloodshed. Why you ask? Well for your entertainment of course, after all you are the one that controls us aren’t you? Sending us to our deaths again and again, have you no soul, no guilt, no regrets? No of course you don’t, monsters don’t have souls do they? Well let me tell you this “Summoner” one day you will realize what you have done and you will pay dearly for it, but until then have fun playing your “game” after all it must be a real riot controlling other peoples lives, who they kill, how they are killed. You known some of us just wanted to help others, now all we do is kill. Well I guess my time is up, the rift calls me to battle, I wonder who I am to kill today, not that it maters anymore anyway.
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