[Volunteer Ocean Week] Story Writing Competition

# Greetings Summoners! _This is just one of the events that we are running alongside Ocean Week, check out the [main post](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-events/U5Bjv4Tz) for more information_ Story Writing Competition With the Monsters on the horizon coming to invade Oceania it’s up to us Homeguards to defend against them. These Homeguards in question have at least two aspects of their favourite champion, and it is up to you to tell us how they are helping defend Oceania against the Monsters. --- Write us a short story about who your Homeguard is. It could be about you as a Homeguard, or your friends/family as Homeguards. Tell us what they are like, and what abilities or aspects they have adopted from their favourite champion. The story can include as many Homeguards as you like, or it can be about just a solo Homeguard. Perhaps you will tell us the story of a bot lane combo you and your friend usually play as, Ashe and Nami. Your Homeguards could be using waves that are frozen in ice to clear out massive clumps of Monsters. It could be the story of a solo act as an Assassin such as Akali, taking out key targets to win the war against the Monsters. You could even tell us the story of a full team of your friends banding together. It’s really up to you. Once you've finished your story, submit it down below for us and others to read :) --- There are no rules on length or how "overpowered" your Homeguard can be, however do try to keep it interesting. But we do have to lay down a few ground rules though: 1. Try to keep the stories PG 13 2. Adhere to the universal rules of the boards 3. Post your entries in the comments by the end of Ocean Week 4. Stories written have to be your own, and written specifically for this competition The winner will receive 1000RP and the runner-up will receive 500RP. Entries will be voted on by Volunteers in the following categories to decide a winner: + Creativity + Captivation + Ocean Week Theming + Homeguard Description + Personality Through Homeguard Displayed + Memorable We are so excited to see what you come up with! If you have any questions feel free to let us know, good luck and have fun!
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