The Hearts of the Warriors

Steal clashed on a desolate battle field, the cries of war could be headed in the distance. It was Noxus versus Demaica, a war with no end, two nations, and eternal rivals. However at this moment in time these two warriors had something else on their minds and in their hearts As the Noxian swung his blade at the Demacian he yelled “you fight for your country” the Demacian blocked the strike and replied “no, I fight for my heart.” Frustration building the Noxian spat back venom dripping from his words, “YOU FOOL!, you will only bring her ruin.” “if the noxian high command knew about this they would kill her, I owe the Du Couteau family too much to let you continue. I can’t let her fall.” The Demacian gave a wry smile “tell me Noxian how must you think I feel, should I follow my heart I risk bringing destruction upon my family, my country, my brothers in arm “my heart and sword always for Demiacia, Ha! Do you have any idea how it feels to raise your sword against the only you love, do you have any idea how hard it is to up hold the oath you made to your country when your heart is for another!” The two warriors exchanged many glancing blows, yet neither would yield, to the Noxian they were beyond the point of understanding nothing good could come from letting this man before him live, for his sake, for hers readied his blade for one final strike. He had killed many men before some who deserved it some who didn’t but he had never killed a man who’s own death would hurt his own family, however these two were beyond reasoning. “You can’t protect her like I can, why can’t you see that!” “I have no choice but to kill you hear Garen!” as Talon swung his blade Garen couldn’t help but wish she would show up to stop them from fighting, though they are both on opposing sides Garen knew they both fought for the same goals he couldn’t help but respect the man trying to take his life, he understood the struggles and everything this man had done for her. Garen fully aware that his own actions have caused this situation to happen, prepares himself for the final blow ready to take full responsibility for this and prove himself to both his country and her. “I’m sorry Katarina, I wish it could have ended differently” both men screamed out in their hearts. As the clash of steal could no longer be heard, replaced with the thud of steal on flesh and a cry of anguish at one’s own weakness. {{champion:86}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:91}}
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