The Dragon and the Sun

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, letting the feeling wash through him. Allowing himself one small moment of bliss was a luxury he didn’t often enjoy. His tired head rolled back with a long relaxed sigh, exposing his belly to the heat, the escaped cloud of superheated gasses soothed his aching neck. Basking in the radiation of a dwarf star was a joy that held no equal, not on any world. He arched his back, flexing his whole body, his tail sending waves of gas and particles cascading out. Yes, Bliss! His lids glided opened, revealing eyes that would put even the purest sapphires to shame, eyes that had seen more wonders than half the galaxy combined. The star filled his vision, there was no more beautiful sight than rippling, breathing, star fire. Few beings could ever get so close to such immeasurable power, and fewer still would be privileged enough to witness the countless colours swirling in the flames. Ignorant mortals passed it off as mere gold, if only they knew. Colours like this weren't merely seen, they were felt, experienced! He pitied those who would never see them. He chuckled, reflecting on himself, pitying dust? Him? The calmness of the moment must be making him sentimental, but he would allow it, for now. Anything to keep the the moment alive. Nothing lasted forever though, and soon enough he felt that all too familiar tug on his consciousness. He tilted his head, looking back at the pathetic world. He briefly entertained the notion of sending a baby star on its merry way, reducing the barbaric rock to less than cosmic ash, he revelled in the thought, a sly smile creeping across his scaly lips, but the thought was fleeting. His true captors would not be beaten so easily, and tantrums were not in his nature. Vengeance was a long game, a thorough game! For now however he would have to keep up appearances and adhere to Targon’s wishes. He shook himself free of the cosmic debris, his elongated body twisted and spiralled like no other creature ever could as he turned to return once again to Runeterra. The soothing heat of the star on his back, faded faster the closer he got to the hated world, hatred however was a word not strong enough to describe his loathing of Targon, and this world forever reminded him of his disgrace, servitude was not a task fitting for someone of his grandeur. The spark of anger inside him flared to life, how dare they threaten the stars! Serpentine sapphire eyes, flitted out piercing deep into the heavens, surveying his grand design. No doubt he was being summoned to deal with the Void again, some insignificant creature escaped from its cage. How could he ever complete his work while having to hold Targon’s hand every time they saw monsters in the night. He chucked, his rage giving way to arrogance, they feared the Void of all things, if only they knew how misplaced their fears truly were; do not fear the spiders, when you walk through the lion’s den. He was close enough now to feel the stronger presences on the world, there were the Targonians of course, but others as well, some far older and more powerful, The Wandering Caretaker it seemed, was on-world. No doubt Targon had tried and failed to sink their claws into that sea of knowledge. Another celestial, pinged his attention, her presence fainter than last he visited, The Starchild, mortal now it seemed, walking Runeterra spreading her healing gift to less privileged mortals. A knowing smirk cracked its way across his majestic visage, such an insignificant task, if only she was aware of her true origins. A trail of particles began forming behind his elongated body, the result of entering primitive atmospheric layering, he had always secretly liked the felling, showing the mortals something of divine beauty. His magnificent form shone like a brilliant flame, as it glided like a god over the curvature of the world, he could only imagine all the fingers pointing skywards. He watched the humans run around like ants, cowering in their quaint structures. Bilgewater passed beneath him, clinging to the ragged cliffs like the barnacle it was, It was soon behind him though, the comet of legend soared at a pace no mortal beast could ever hope to achieve. He basked the next land-mass in his full glory, flying close enough to turn the island’s endless night into shimmering day light, the soulless wretches of the Shadow Isles, forgot their captors in that brief moment raising their hands to the sky, wonder once again filling their un-beating hearts. If he cad cared for their plight even a little, he would have bathed the land in beautiful star-fire along his way, burning their bonds and freeing them from eternal torment, but he did not, and he cared not, and soon the Shadow Isles too were far behind him. Countless continents passed underneath his scaled underside, he liked taking the long way round, making Targon wait was a simple joy, and any stab at them was a win in his books, but too soon the terrible mountain rose into view. Now, who dared summon him? The voice in his mind was familiar, ahhhh the Protector! The least hated of his adversaries. Perhaps even, when the time came, he would spare the Shield of Valoran, of all the Targonians, Taric was the only one to fully appreciate the endless beauty of his stars. He circled down the mountain, losing his legendary cosmic trail as he went, he sundered up to the Shield of Valoran’s cabin on the side of the mountain, and burst into view, raising himself up to full height, his grand tail swinging up behind him, filling the heavens with majesty; Always know when to make an entrance! The Protector, stood at his door consoling a pizza delivery boy who had almost died from the fright of the Star Dragon’s sudden appearance. Aurelion Sol’s voice shook the very earth, “Well? for what for possible reason do you think you can summon me here Protector?” The pizza delivery boy cowered at the sound, his horse would surely have bolted as well, if it were not already tied. Taric was un-phased by the threatening tones of the Starforger’s question. He sidled up, closer to the star dragon, “Sol ol’buddy, how have ya been?” Taric’s overly forward greeting did not go unnoticed by the Starforger. His eyes narrowed, he was not fond of being toyed with. “Disperse with the pleasantries Protector, why am I here?” Taric’s demeanour fell serious, The Sheild of Valoran loudly cleared his throat, leaning in towards Sol, putting the back of his hand up against the corner of his mouth as if to stop his words being heard by anyone but the star dragon, “You uhh, wouldn’t have a $20 on you would you?” he stuck his thumb over his shoulder gesturing at the shaking pizza delivery boy, his face growing red with embarrassment. “Im uhh, a little short you see…” producing an empty money pouch, with a guilty half-smile. Sol said nothing, the magnificent mind that had endured the galactic turmoil of incomprehensible millennia, had just snapped.
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