The Birth of a New Evil [Skins Story Slam 2018]

The corruption whirled inside Syndra. In the recent battle, Syndra got injured from Varus’ Chain of Corruption and Hail of Arrows. The grievous and morally corrosive effect from the weapons of the Dark Lords was a nemesis of the astral protection. It slowly took root in its owner’s psyche, slowly turning the host into a mindless puppet or a Dark Lord if one were to possess impressive power. As a higher being protected by the astral power, Syndra would need some time before a complete recovery. However, with Syndra’s absence, the threat of the Diabolical Astral Alliance exploded tenfold. Therefore, the Star Guardians had to search the lands of Runeterra for powers that could aid in their suppression of the dark forces who aimed to engulf everyone in a curtain of eternal darkness. After learning of Thresh’s history and the owner of the weapons of light, the party embarked on their search. They were ecstatic when they finally recruited Lucian the Purifier and heard the names of other honourable fighters against evil. The name of the one who savaged the night and defied the darkness, Vayne the Night Hunter, came up without fail. Although they heard that she joined the ranks of the Project fighter as Lucian’s comrade, her natural hatred towards evil often kept her going solo in her raids. Then, in response to the Guardians’ pleas, Vayne uttered “Let us hunt those who have fallen to darkness!” Vayne was indeed the perfect fighter, the Guardians thought. Not long after the new fighters joined the Star Guardian forces, they soon prepared for battle as the Dark Lords began their onslaught. On the battlefield, a gargantuan dark wave of glittering Spatial Voidlings stretched across the boundless space, as if the tsunami had come to claim the lives for which they yearned. To Vayne’s surprise, most of the creatures were not the same. Some seemed to have formed from evil energy, whereas others seemed to have mutated tremendously from their no longer distinguishable previous form. This thought stirred up Vayne’s resentment for evil. Amidst that tsunami floated the enormous avatars of the Dark Lords, who each wielded momentous cosmic power. Their overbearing auras consumed the light wherever they passed, like the embodiments of the black holes. Vayne flowed gracefully among the chaos with her space-ready enhanced Project suit. With each release of her crossbows, hundreds of Spatial Voidlings perished. The fight between the two forces begun as soon as they had sighted one another. Naturally, Star Guardian Poppy led the charge to attack the Dark Lords, while Jinx and Ezreal positioned themselves in the backline in the defense of the fellow Guardians. However, Dark Star Jarvan IV, who had succumbed to darkness after agreeing to the enticing promise of Morgana the Fallen Angel in his effort to win the war against the Noxians, had charged in on Jinx who relentlessly assaulted the high tier minions from her blind spot. Thankfully, Janna propelled him out with her Monsoon. Just as Jarvan was rebounded, he used the momentum to swiftly heading towards Vayne at incredible speed and made a hopping motion. At this moment, Vayne had activated her body-enhancing skill of Final Hour. In this Final Hour, all her senses and perceptions were tripled, with greater physique, keener killing instinct and her movement was accelerated. Her movement seemed incredibly surreal to a point where she turned invisible during Tumbles. As the treacherous terrain was suddenly formed from nothingness in space, Vayne had evaded just in the nick of time. Much to her dismay, she felt a flickering presence behind and then a forceful flay back towards the confined space. Even during her invisibility, she was not untouchable. So, when she caught a glimpse of a planet that orbited Jarvan and realized it was Orianna’s, her Tumble couldn’t escape the range of the Command: Shockwave. With a torrential magnetic pull, Vayne was sucked towards the epicenter. Instead of colliding toward Jarvan as she had expected, she was pulled toward another dimension. When she could interpret the surrounding, she had stood upon an enormous confined cave of rocks of unknown size. In the middle stood the gigantic figure of Odyssey Kayn the Shadow Reaper whose image she saw from the Ahri’s orb. This Overlord had fallen into depravity along with the Emperor he once served. Kayn greeted her with a menacing monologue. As Kayn finished his soliloquy, he swiftly swung his arms backwards and made a forward motion towards Vayne. The incredible speed surprised Vayne, considering the 360o swing of such an enormous scythe and taking in the necessary momentum. However, Vayne’s Final Hour was still activated, but she suspected her enhancement to wear off soon. This warranted a sensible unease in her heart. Then, she summersaulted to a terrain on the side. Vayne closely tracked the movement of this enormous presence. Although having learned of Kayn’s abilities from the Guardians, the information was somewhat ambiguous. Immediately after his forward motion, there was a small window during which his back was exposed. Vayne immediately released a bolt. Kayn was unstartled by the counterattack and simply pressed forward to dodge Vayne’s shot. He quickly positioned his ankle and turned around, then made a vertical sweeping motion while moved his grasp of the scythe toward the other end. His weapon moved up so quick, then descended upon Vayne. She’d already Tumbled sideway and released yet another bolt within a close range. Kayn’s powerful body had turned against him. The bolt found its mark upon Kayn’s left abdomen. “Cleansing blood with silver. The dark should fear me!” Vayne coldly pronounced. Upon hearing, Kayn smirked. He swiftly retreated behind the rocky terrains. Not around to behind, but directly behind, through the rocks. Vayne immediately became alert of the inherent danger. After a while, Kayn initiated a guerilla warfare against Vayne from multiple directions, and dodged many of Vayne’s bolts, thanks to his ability. Before each entry, Kayn had to concentrate for a faction of a second. When such a time came to pass again, Vayne was ready to fire, and flew the bolt. This shot found its mark on Kayn’s left shoulder, just above his heart. Kayn also grabbed this opportunity to retaliate. He emerged from the terrain again and used Blade’s Reach, and this time, Vayne also Tumbled out. However, the path had been narrower than she expected, so she rebounded a bit after colliding with a rock. A scythe connected with her forearm where it left a cut on her suit of armor. Some blood spilled from the unfatal wound, but her spatial suit had soon closed in on that gap. Kayn’s face shone with a malevolent smile. Undeterred, Vayne swiftly regained her composure and loosed another bolt to Condemn Kayn. Kayn seemed to be impaled momentarily before he vanished to thin air. At that moment, a reap of space appeared before her with the images of the battlefield before she left. She believed that this instance was named a “Victor’s Recall”. Unaware of how long she had gone, she quickly passed through the hole, which immediately ‘zipped’, leaving no trace of the other dimension. Upon return, she saw the Guardians’ tired physique overdrawn from exhaustion. Yet, their faces bloomed radiant smiles, as they gazed at the fading waves of glittery darkness. The nine Guardians present quickly gathered and examined Lucian and Vayne, both of who received a blessing of Soraka’s Astral Infusion, before heading back in triumph. Since return, Vayne felt her usual mental processes were somewhat distorted comparing to the usual pattern after her encounter with Kayn. From her memory, the weapon which Kayn used was of Darkin origin with a mind-control parasitic effect, similarly to the Dark Lords’. After concluding her perilous condition, she summoned an urgent meeting with the Star Guardians. As the discussion progressed, they had confirmed Vayne’s present predicament to be under the influence of Kayn’s ability called Umbral Trespass. Without the astral protection at the time of injury, they suspected that it had the power of corrupting even the noblest of spirits by altering thoughts and draining sanity. Further discussions involved the recollection of an encounter with a being called Gentleman Cho’Gath, who had turned from depravity and innate evil, thanks to the Blind Monk named Lee Sin, who had mastered some sort of power worthy of a God. In mention of Lee Sin’s name, the Guardians chanted in unison. Apparently, Lee Sin was a great candidate for divination. However, he was not invited on this quest due to the lack of substance for echolocation. With this piece of information, Vayne decided to make a temporary relief from this mission to make an indispensable trip to temple in Ionia in which Lee Sin resided. She thought to herself “I would not submit to any evil.” And thus, Vayne set out to find Lee Sin the Blind Monk. Little did she know this journey would end up in vain, and so the birth of the Soulstealer Vayne henceforth started.

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