The Star Guardians Peculiar Adventure

The blazing sun was glaring down, while being blocked out by the tall dark oak trees from the forest. The table cloth sprawled over the table top of the tall oak wood table and all 10 Star Guardians are surrounding the table. The Guardians are on break, and have decided to have a get-together and enjoy a picnic. As Jinx is pouring her orange juice, (poorly, but she's trying her best), a deafening abrupt bang can be heard in the distance coming from the direction of the musty emerald-green lake. Janna is the only one that is startled by this sudden noise. She struggles in warning the others of this bang, so she taps on Poppy's shoulder at a fast pace. Poppy is extremely puzzled by what Janna's issue is but Janna then points to the lake and Poppy can see the corner of a bright blue light, that Janna did not originally see. Poppy jumps out of her seat at the picnic table and begins to jog towards the lake and the bright light. As she is running towards the light, she yells for the other guardians to follow. Still confused on what is happening, they follow. Once the guardians reach the shore of the lake, they are confronted by a blue portal with a purple center. They all collectively try to figure out what this new and strange orb-like light is. Miss Fortune, being the brave one of the group, whips out one of her guns and fires a bullet into the light. _Silence_ The light had no reaction to this shot. Jinx then chimes in with an excited expression but you could tell there was a worried undertone to her voice. 'The light is harmless, you're all just stressing.' Jinx says while continuing to throw a pebble she found on the ground by the shore of the lake. Once the pebble hits the center of the portal, it is silent for a few seconds until a lightning bolt abruptly strikes between Lulu and Ezreal, and they both jump out of the way, faster than any of the guardians have seen before. Syndra exclaims while not being able to control her laughter, 'Ezreal? You're supposed to be the man of the group? Jinx probably could beat you in a masculinity competition'. 'Hey! Just because I am male, does not mean I have to be masculine. I am allowed to be **_fabulous_** when I want to be.' Ezreal exclaimed. A peaceful and quiet voice chimes in behind all of the guardians, and it's Soraka. 'Where is Taric when you need him?' Before the guardians can explain their shock of Soraka chiming in with the joke, a gigantic hand came through the portal and before you could say 'Star Guardian', all 10 of the guardians were pulled through the portal. The guardians then found themselves lying on the ground, specifically scorching sand. The sun was beaming down on them harder than the one back in their world was. A huge dust cloud surrounded them and they were stuck in a ring of dust. Towards the north, they saw a shadow approaching them. Soraka, Lulu and Janna hid behind everyone, as they were scared of the shadow of a man approaching them, but the thing is... Ezreal joined them. Miss Fortune and Jinx stood in-front of the group ready to fight this new man confronting them, and Ahri joined them. Poppy and Syndra stayed in between the ones hiding and the ones fighting attempting to figure out where they were. Eventually, the shadow approached the group out of the dust. A figure of a man stood there in front of the group. Miss Fortune, Jinx and Ahri lowered their defenses and Soraka, Lulu and Janna came out from behind the group but the most important person in this situation was Ezreal. He pushed through everyone in the group and stood right in front of the figure staring like a child staring at candy floss. The other 9 guardians looked at each other in confusion. 'The sword...The hair...The hat...The eyes...Who are you? What is your name?' asked Ezreal to the man in amazement. The man chuckled, laughing at Ezreal. 'Yasuo. My name is Yasuo. Thank you for your interest, but I think you and Taric are much better suited!' Yasuo exclaimed. Ezreal through his hands up in the air as if to show he was giving up. 'How does everyone know about that?!' Ezreal asks the group. Jinx chuckles and just after exclaims, 'Hey? The word gets around you know, we're Star Guardians not secret keepers!' 'So you're probably wondering why you were summoned here, hey? Well, basically I summoned you here, I used my minion to bring you here and summon the portal in your world. But anyways, the reason you're here is because I was wondering how I can become Star Guardian?' Yasuo asked in confusion. The guardians all looked around to each other and Syndra mumbled inaudibly to Soraka and they both giggled together afterwards. 'You're joking right?' Asked Poppy. Yasuo exclaimed that he was serious. Jinx was very confused but didn't want to deny Yasuo's 'dreams'. 'I mean, I guess if you are really yearning to become one of us, a guardian, you have to go through our test!' said Miss Fortune. 'Well, what is the test?' Asked Yasuo. Before they could reply to Yasuo, they were all transported back to the Star Guardian's world, including Yasuo. This is where the tests and training began. After long hours of work and training and test, Star Guardian Yasuo was born and to the guardians' surprise, he was actually one of the best they've encountered.
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