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this is my contest entry for the Star Guardian fan fiction - first time posting... enjoy: _What’s happening to me? the warmth of the thorns embrace, I can’t feel the connection to nature, the vibrant colours of power and the strangling roots cannot be felt – I try to empower the rampant growth around me, attempting to radiate my power into the flora that once protected me from harm. but everything is black and white. There is no colour. Pain strikes me constantly now. I was never told this would happen to me, I took the powers and form of another so long ago, why is it only now that my powers have abandoned me. refusing to remedy my pain and desires, I don’t understand. I feel weak. My once strong, fierce and powerful legs are not supporting my body, the spiked green heels of my feet neglecting to plant themselves into the ground. The vines that envelop my hands, they fall feebly towards the ground, drooping like the leaves of the plants surrounding me. this is my habitat, the forest, the land, the earth. The rich browns of the soil and the way my feet sink at every step, even the greenery, that so often kept my estranged anger submerged, nothing is working for me anymore. My once luscious, vibrant red hair that ever so structurally fell down the lower of my back shrivels and splits by the hour, creating a monstrosity. Is it me that’s causing all this torment and disaster or something else around me? my body is going numb, the birds I once sung in verse with have stopped, I can’t even recognise them, black spots in my vision cloud my judgement. When I took on the powers of another, I was led to believe I would become invincible, that my vines and plants would strangle and control anything around me that I desired. I was never given a time-limit to my power. _ ‘Hello there’ _What? who on earth is trying to talk to me? I look around, nothing but a greyscale world with black for the trees, greys for the once luminescent sky and white for the light that is winning the battle of my sanity. _ ‘this torment you feel, it can all go away, look to the light, embrace it, shoot for the stars and everything you desire will fall into the palm of your every whim’ _Oh this is getting a little bit farfetched isn’t it? Spirituality is not my thing, when I was a seedling until now, I couldn’t believe in anything other than myself and my powers. _ ‘You are afraid, don’t be. We are all here, ready to embrace you with the warmth and passion of the Stars’ _I’m not afraid, creature! Fear is for the weak, the innocent and the vulnerable, nothing of which I am renowned for. I reach my arm towards the black figure, a person perhaps, that is the source of this incessant talking, by the Thorns I cannot be bothered listening to this rubbish. _‘You are weak and pathetic, you can’t even stand properly, you continue to falter and move in a such a pitiable way – if you don’t think you need our help, Call upon your thorns that you worship like a God...’ ‘Syndra enough, I remember it wasn’t all too long ago you were in a similar status. Is this true or was I perhaps hallucinating?’ ‘Oh get over yourself Lux, we are both guardians of the Stars but never forget that I will never be able to tolerate your annoying positivity’ _That sounds like me! Syndra? Is that a person? Lux? Doesn’t that mean “light”? maybe this is real, could it be that if I joined this cult I could gain my powers back? As the one with the attitude implied, I don’t have to be friends with them, I just need to leech off their power until I can gain mine back, then I can leave, fight my own battles and continue to survive as the Queen of the Thorns. _‘Are you listening? We need you. Your power. Vitality. Cunningness. The Star Guardians yearn to have someone of your calibre to partner alongside us.’ _I agree! Make me one of you, please! I need power, this pain is beyond comprehension, I don’t know how much longer I can make myself stand and remain conscious. 'we can hear your thoughts, your prayers, everything that you wish, welcome yourself into the white spots around your vision, cherish the light, the sparks of energy that grown inside of you, feel the beat of nature as it empowers you into the stars, we are all here, it will only take a minute of pain but then you my friend will be reborn' _Oh my! This pain, excruciating, my body feels heavy, I can feel my once strong heels sink further into the ground, cementing me in place, the vines I control latching themselves to the grass, the individual strands of grass radiating their energy into me. I look around and my vision is closing, the white light enveloping everything around me, the darkness replaced with light, the ultimate contrast, I can feel the earth move, my body glowing as it basks in the warmth of the sun and stars and what once was black and white, is now an explosion of colour. The dull red that was once my hair is now on fire! The red so bright it could be seen from miles, the vines grow, their texture visible from all angles, the petals that used to droop from the vines now stand tall and proud, anchoring themselves into my weapons. The heels that I once felt were an accessory because of their uselessness are now a part of me, strong, powerful and hold their own against the power of the dirt. My vision has heightened, I can see miles ahead, the sun ray’s projection onto the trunks of trees, even the air particles that whisper in the wind, the grass so bright like emeralds, tiny jewels glistening against the sun, even the water from the small quarry a long distance away is shimmering in the sun and stars, so clear from my position I can see underneath it, the rocks and stones and underwater foliage, all putting me in a state of awe._ _‘Welcome, you are one of us now, one with the stars. Your new purpose in life is to serve the Stars and protect the innocent.’ _I remember only moments ago this woman, strong, beautiful, with pink hair and a vivacious smile was the annoying sound I wanted to capture and devour in my vines, yet now she is poetic, her voice like angels, like a melody played on a harp _ ‘I am Lux, and with me are just some our comrades, Syndra the aggressive individual from before and Poppy, the shy one with the hammer in the corner. Now that you have joined us, tell us, what is your name? _I was always cautious of sharing my identity, but the stars around me kept me at ease and I knew I could trust my new family, a family I longed for but never had._ ‘Zyra. My name is Zyra. Queen of the Thorns. And now, a Guardian of the Stars’. {{champion:143}} {{item:3089}} {{summoner:14}}
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