Midsummer Festivities (A Sweetheart Xayah and Rakan Fanfiction)

_Dearest Xayah,_ _I request for you to attend this year's Midsummer Festival, as my honored guest and I would be ecstatic to be the man to court you on this fine evening. After meeting you at the tavern Fathsur, I have been enchanted. From your midnight black hair to your gorgeous, sparkling eyes. _ _To give me the honor of your attendance would be absolutely amazing, just to see your face once more would be too much for someone such as myself, rarely seeing a beauty that can ever compare to yours. From your lineage, I can properly assume you know where the hall of heroes is, so I do not wish to waste time repeating this location in case something goes wrong._ _Perhaps we can meet another time, at a later date._ _That would be amazing._ _Warm regards,_ _Rakan_ _P.S: Please wear your hair up, you have beautiful skin and markings that deserve to be seen._ Xayah found herself wearing a short dress of purple and pink, white and gold accenting it in fluency. Her long wing was decorated with a rim of gold of intricate patterns, something that she had prided herself on for a long while. Her raven hair glistened in the twilight as she walked up the stairwell that carried people from their carriages and took them to their festivities. A peaceful night, void of fighting to celebrate the annual event that is midsummer. How boring. Xayah stood by the door, clutching her invitation in her left hand tightly as the doormen approached her. Her long talons dug into the floor beneath her as her breaths quickened slightly, the advance of potential enemies alarming to her. "Do you have an invitation, young lady?" The petite boy asked with a smile as he held out his hand expectantly. She froze for a second, her limbs tensing as her hands shook. She shoved her invitation into his hands abruptly, muttering a response as she dashed past him to escape the bitter breeze that licked at her, as well as her embarrassment. "Of course." Xayah's coarse voice replied to him quickly. Bright light welcomed her eyes as she looked inside the cheery hall filled to the brim with people looking for their special someone, or just party-goers in general. _Rakan_...The thought echoes in Xayah's mind as she repeated the young lord's name internally. Rakan being the one who invited Xayah, she couldn't help but blame him for her troubles, but the thought of the goofy royal just made her smile. Xayah shook her head in disbelief, not wanting to believe that she was so easily infatuated with Rakan as she was not, or to better say, that she wasn't yet. She looked around the ballroom, searching for the whitehaired man that she had seen only days ago, though his hair not representing his age at all. Xayah felt a soft tap on her shoulder, a warm sensation that coursed through her like electricity. Xayah whipped around just as she felt a hand cover her eyes. "Guess who~," A voice whispered in her ear playfully as the figured pressed against her softly. Xayah gulped for breath, the slight aroma of Magnolia's surrounding him in a slight aura. She breathed in his scent calmly, the smell refreshing and sweet. She finally relaxed as she moved his arm down, though he tried to keep it up. "Who are you?" Xayah said jokingly, watching as Rakan held his wrist where she had removed it from her eye region. His lip quivered slightly, whining as Xayah stared at him silently. A tear ran down his face, and Xayah's tough exterior fell. "I was kidding! How could I forget you?" Xayah put her hand on Rakan's shoulder to reassure him as a smirk appeared on his face. "Of course." "You totally thought I forgot you." "No way, who could forget me?" Rakan spoke with a grin, wiping his hair from his face messily, revealing a pink strip that fell softly into place. His goofy smile was warm and content, the attention that he received clearly pleasing him. "Anyways, m'lady... would you care for a dance?" He asked Xayah. bowing down to his waist, a hand in front and behind him. Xayah let out a low chuckle as she touched the tip of his nose, tilting his face up to hers. "My lady...." Rakan murmured as he looked at Xayah's plump lips, the marks on her cheeks glowing softly in the light of the building. "I don't dance..." Xayah smirked while dropping his head from her fingertips playfully. Rakan's head flew right back up, staring at her intently. "I don't mind." A silent, muted light flickered in his eyes. Rakan swiftly dances around her, his pink-tipped wing flowing gracefully against the dancefloor. He grabbed Xayah's right hand fluidly as she stumbled out with the princely man, her feet trying to find solid ground as he leaped across the ballroom; stopping to twirl or dip her as they went. Xayah couldn't help but smile as he dipped her deeper than normal, his face close to hers. "I feel as if I have seen you before, my lord..." Xayah's eyelashes fluttered as she stared into his soft lilac eyes. "You have very pretty eyes." Rakan brought them up, continuing to bring them through the crowds of people dancing, finally bringing them over to the side of the room. "I know." Rakan leaned over Xayah, putting his arms around her waist as she rested on the cream colored wall, decorated with swirling patterns of twilight. She slowly brought her arms up to wrap around his neck, keeping her eyes downcast as she slowly steadied her breathing. "That was interesting." She let out a small chuckle, Xayah's shoulders shaking slightly as she breathed deeply in and out. Xayah's eyes flipped up to Rakan as she felt his warm, plush lips touch hers softly. She felt Rakan's warm breath on her face as he deepened the kiss, trying to get as close to her as possible. Usually, Xayah would mind someone trying to advance on her, but she felt as if they truly were connected. That may be the fact they are both vastayan, or he continuously made her feel loved she truly couldn't figure it out. Xayah heard a scream come from the entrance of the building as Rakan pulled away abruptly. She felt a feather as hard as steel manifest in the palm of her hand as soon as she heard the piercing of blades and the use of the elements. Rakan gaped at her slightly, though not in surprised. Awe, perhaps? "I will protect you, for as long as I breathe, m'lady," Rakan bowed slightly as he ran headfirst into the fight. Xayah ran after him swiftly, throwing her daggers across the floor to the enemies that slowly flooded in from the exit and entrance. She saw in her peripheral vision that a blade was coming down on her, sliding, she went under the person and placed a feather in the center of their back. Xayah breathed heavily, her mind racing as adrenaline took over, causing a smile to spread across her lips in a ruthless manner. Not expecting to enjoy such a bloodbath, Xayah was filled with mixed emotions ranging from Ecstatic to Sympathetic. She danced across the ballroom, her feathers flying in every single direction, masterfully avoiding the fallen bodies of the other party-goers, as to not trip and meet her end. Rakan dashed to her quickly, embracing her before looking around quickly. "We have to leave, there's too many..." He muttered, obviously annoyed that he decided to leave the battle. Xayah just nodded in response, running towards the exit, she takes Rakan's arm as to not loose him. Xayah had a feeling she'd be keeping this one for a while.
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