LRF: Lunar travels

The dark rain filled clouds blanketed the world below. High above it all she looked down and saw only a far stretching darkness that seemed intent on consuming her light. Occasionally every few hours a line of blinding bright light would pierce the veil of clouds before vanishing as quickly as it came. She yearned to see what was happening in the world far below, so for the first time in centuries the goddess of the moon fell from the heavens to the ground below with curious abandon. The inky black night surrounded her as she walked as if it were pushed out of the way by the eerie pale glowing aura around her, only to swallow up the path behind her. As she walked along the path the sparse vegetation took on the form of a might forest, a soft melodious tune flowed through the trees that now lined the path and beckoned her onward. Occasionally far off in the distance a faint glowing could be seen before it just as suddenly faded from sight with a faint popping sound, this was what the woman was drawn towards so onward she walked straying now from the path no longer beneath her feet. Strange as it is, she finds new ways to navigate through the forest foliage, large standards stand proud before her as she walks on, each one giving her direction and hope that she will soon find the source of the glimmering lights in the sky. For anyone watching from a distance a lone orb of pale grey light looked as though it was trying to find its way through and an impossible maze, often doubling back, surrounded by an all-consuming inky blackness. In the distance a small girls giggle can be heard barely audible over the still playing melody, a mighty bear roar quickly follows as does the harrowing howl of a giant wolf like creature, a howl that is met with the mocking taunts of a monkey, yet still she walks on unperturbed. Turning a bend in the path she comes face to face with the silhouette of a monster worthy of being in her nightmares, it looks down at her and smiles gleefully at her, though she can almost feel the contemptuous malice radiating from it. “Why hello there, shiny little thing” his voice thickly accented with a heavy drawl “What here circumstances brought you to me this fine evening” Curious the woman approached the creature without hesitation “Adventure” The thing laughs at her and offers up a hand open and full of golden coins, a small square section cut out of the middle “Adventures cost time and money, I’m begrudged to say I cannot offer you time. But I’ve all the wealth to spare” he pauses for a moment to lick his meaty lips with an unnaturally long tongue “In return, I ask only that you sate my appetite but for a while” It seemed like a fair enough offer, she hadn’t dealt with anyone directly before, so she thought him generous. After all, how hard could it be to acquire food for this creature, her initial concerns about the monstrosity forgotten. “I..” she stopped when movement to her left caught her eye Another woman thin, yet well defined had appeared from a clump of bushes, wearing red and golden armour and tassels. She looked her right in the eyes as she slowly smiled and took a few steps back into the brush from whence she had come, no sooner than she had vanished from sight a spear flew from them its razor-sharp tip glowed as it flew striking the creature in the side. It bellowed out in anger as it turned towards the bush in time to see a large cat burst forward and pounced crashing into the creature, the gold coins in its hand flew up into the air before raining down around them. Puzzled, scared and confused the woman ran from the scene, suddenly waiting nothing more than to return to her home above the world, as she ran still the gentle song followed her through the trees, its calming rhythm urged her onward. After she had run for what seemed like hours the woman slowed to a halt and looked up at the jet-black clouds above, she whispered something under her breath and three bright orbs came into existence and spun around her. Faster they sped and as they did, she rose higher and higher off the ground, she would go back to her home in the stars. Where she would remain Diana, Goddess of the Moon.

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