LRF 2019 Contest Results!

Hopefully all those who celebrate Lunar New Year had a wonderful time, and those that don’t, had a wonderful time anyway!

3 very special members of our community are certainly going to have a good time of it, because it’s time to announce our winners and recipients of some tasty prizes!

Now we dropped the ball a bit on our timing with this one, we got busy, and things got slow. It’s something we’re working hard on for future contests so stay tuned for those, but for now, without further ado!:

First place, Metablue with:

A Night Dressed in Red

Our First place winner and recipient of 6000RP, with a beautifully written and action packed piece about Firecracker Vayne and her place in the Lunar Revel lore.

Read here

Second place, CreekTerrarium with:

Wraiths are Melancholic, Mad and Meddling!

Our Second place winner and recipient of 4000RP, with an emotional and unique take on the Lunar Wraiths, we have CreekTerrarium with Wraiths are Melancholic, Mad and Meddling!

Read here

Third place, Golin Longshanks with:

Firecracker Singed!

Our Third place winner and recipient of 2000RP, with a captivating take on how Singed might fit into the Lunar Revel universe, we have Golin Longshanks with Firecracker Singed!

Read here

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, these stories have been immortalised in HTML beauty by our very own Emissary Tele for your viewing pleasure.

We also have some honourable mentions to make. While they didn’t quite make the cut for the top 3, these stories still stood out, were more than in the running, and a real joy to read!!

The Chaos Freedom Brings - Neophyrus

The Wheel Turns - L0VE Y0URSELF

The Influence of Regret - Aerin

Lost and Found - Magic Pantsu

In the Dusk of Lunar New Year - Shadow Entrancer

Light and Darkness - AllyAlice

A Well Deserved Break - Zaxiadus

We had an absolute blast exploring these worlds and characters with you guys, and we look forward to doing it again soon. Any feedback on the contest, how it was run, or any ideas you guys have for future contests is encouraged!

In the meantime, we have something a little different lined up for the near(ish) future, so keep an eye out on the news and home pages in the client, and/or here on boards!

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Contest Conception, Main Post HTML, CSS & Judging.

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Victory Stories HTML, CSS & Javascript wizardry.

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