The Fugitive and the Assassin | Skins Story Slam 2018

The Fugitive and the Assassin (Silverfang Akali and Bullet Angel Kai’sa) ‘It seems today is my lucky day.’ Akali watched the streak of red tearing through grey skies from the other side of the broken glass that made up the cockpit of her former ship. Judging by its shape it was some kind of exo-suit, maybe Fortune tech? In any case the current pilot had clearly had a run in with something hostile as they were currently on a direct collision course with the ground. The chances of survival from that height were little to none, however, it wasn’t the pilot’s health that Akali was interested in. While people may be fragile, she knew from experience that those suits were built to withstand all kinds of damage and the fact that this particular exo seemed capable of interplanetary travel meant she may finally be able to escape this forsaken planet. Running a hand through her silver locks she stood and began to gather her equipment which lay scattered around the cockpit of her ruined ship. Before her unwilling arrival on this planet Akali had been running a fairly straightforward assassination mission in a nearby system. As it turned out someone had leaked information about her mission and before she knew it she was narrowly escaping with her life and a barely functional ship. With its dying breath Akali had managed to bring said ship to a ‘less than graceful’ landing on this backwater junkyard planet and had been stranded ever since. That had been a week ago now and with her supplies starting to dwindle she wouldn’t last much longer. Strapping on a few makeshift kunai to her belt and pocketing her last smokebomb Akali moved back to the glass to check that her target hadn’t made a sudden change in course. It was then that she noticed a faint blue glint following after the trailing smoke left from the damaged exo. It would appear that whatever had taken them down was not finished with them. ‘Perhaps not so lucky after all.’ She muttered swiftly making her way to the exit of the ship. *** Kai’sa grimaced as she watched her quarry spiralling downwards towards their inevitable doom as she hovered in the upper atmosphere. This was supposed to be a simple two part bounty. Find and eliminate the target, and retrieve the stolen exo. But it seems her client had failed to mention the tiny bit of information that the suit was fully functional and easily operable. So then she had had to chase the slippery bastard all the way out to this middle-of-nowhere junk heap and now she was going to have to deal with the mess they made when they finally hit the ground. ‘They better still be somewhat recognisable or there’s no way I’ll be able to cash in on the first payment.’ She muttered whilst beginning a slow descent. In her line of work, no body meant no pay and she had suffered through far too much to not be receiving her money. Bounty hunting wasn’t the most honourable line of work she had pursued over her years trying to evade the military, but when you were a wanted fugitive you took what you could get. The blinking of a small, red light on her visor diverted her attention to some nasty looking storm clouds looming in the distance. Best retrieve her quarry and get out of here before those rolled in. Within a few seconds she brought herself down amongst the towering piles of refuse and into a clearing next to the small, smouldering crater created by the impact of her target’s suit. Luckily for her the suit seemed to have protected its pilot from most of the damage, however not enough to keep them alive. Quickly toying with the idea of removing her helmet and stopping for some fresh air, Kai’sa decided against after quickly scanning her surroundings. It was that choice that ended up saving her life. Her only warning was a sudden flash of red on her visor before something collided with the back of her helmet. The thrusters of her exo roared to life as she hastily propelled herself to the other side of the clearing. On her left arm the suit’s plasma minigun whirred to life as she reached behind her head with the other hand to discover what had hit her. Pulling it out from where it was lodged in the back of her helmet Kai’sa saw that it resembled some kind of shuriken. She didn’t have much time to inspect it though as the motion sensors started blaring in her ears. There was someone moving around using the junk piles to stay just out of her line of sight. Whoever they were they were fast, very fast. Kai’sa barely had any time to start readying her other weapon as she suddenly came face to face with her attacker who leapt out from behind their cover. Much to Kai’sa’s surprise she recognised this woman for she was almost, if not more, wanted than herself. Akali the Silverfang. She had little time to think on this however as Akali threw a handful of kunai in her direction. Barely reacting in time, Kai’sa was able to avoid the assault by activating her temporary stealth drive and dashing out of the way. Not one to waste an opportunity Kai’sa followed up by unleashing a barrage of missiles towards her assailant. An explosion of smoke caused the missiles to lose their target as they detonated randomly all over the clearing, kicking up and even larger cloud of dust. Kai’sa remained where she was, all of her senses on high alert as she prepared herself for the attack she knew would come. Visibility was extremely limited as both her eyes and the sensors of her suit scanned for any sign of movement. The sudden lack of sound made the high tension situation even more unbearable as she waited….. ... and waited… …the smoke was beginning to clear… Too late did Kai’sa realise her mistake. She let out a groan as the dust cleared and her vision was restored. There was no sign of Akali… or the exo-suit she was supposed to retrieve. The body of her bounty however was still present. At this point Kai’sa’s suit had already suffered some damage prior in her previous battle with her target. She could risk pursuing Akali however if her suit suffered too much more damage then there was a likely chance it would no longer be space-worthy. Glancing back at the corpse Kai’sa weighed her options. ‘Better half a bounty and freedom then getting stuck on this rock.’ She concluded with a sigh. Holstering her weapons she quickly moved to retrieve the body. Best be out of here quickly before Akali decided she wanted her suit too. *** Akali watched as Kai’sa began her ascent into the clouds. ‘Smart choice.’ She murmured as she started moving her new exo-suit back to her makeshift hideout. It wasn’t in perfect condition but Akali was confident she could fix it using the basic engineer training she had received when she was still part of the assassin clan. Once she was finally off of this world she would be paying a visit to her previous client to make some ‘inquiries’ about why her mission had gone wrong in the first place. Akali allowed herself a small smile at the thought of this. The ominous rumblings of the encroaching storm brought her back to reality. She knew very well that you did not want to be caught out in a storm on this planet and pushed her thoughts of vengeance to the back of her mind. ‘All in good time,’ she whispered to herself ‘all in good time.’

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