Determination - Star Guardian Ekko

_Strike low on the chest. Weaker on the left._ The words sang through Ekko, body and soul, as he hurtled through the temporal abyss. When he reached the zero-point, he would be standing fifteen minutes and twenty-eight seconds in the past. Again. The temporal haze started to lift and Tempis, Ekko’s familiar and the focus point of his time-travelling power, crawled onto his shoulder. Ekko affectionately rubbed the white ferret-like creature on the head. Tempis had done a lot of work, and his black pearly eyes were no longer glowing with temporal light. There would be no more rewinds today. _Last try then._ The present-past fully coalesced around him and Ekko stifled a cry as his wounds, a series of scratches and scrapes all over his body, began to hurt again. That was the problem with travelling — he carried his wounds with him. But he also carried his memories, and he knew far more about the upcoming battle than he did the first time he travelled. _Strike low on the chest. Weaker on the left._ Maybe it would be enough. Note: This is the first section of 4000 or so words; I lost a lot of my formatting when I tried to post it {{item:3070}} . You can read the rest here:
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