LRF - The Light Begins to Fade

The Lord sat on his throne waiting, it was almost time. The Lunar Revel was drawing closer and closer by the hour. All but one piece was in place, the time was almost here. The doors to his throne room opened, illuminating it’s dark halls. Sylas remained unflinching, he sat there watching the challenger enter the room. Sylas boomed “So, you’ve answered my challenge Wukong. It seems as though apes aren’t that smart after all.” Wukong chuckled, “This won’t even be a challenge. You failed to beat the Guardian of the North Gate three years ago, while I managed to beat that wise old dog with one arm tied behind my back.” Then placing both hands behind his back, “I think I won’t even need my arms for you.” The monkey strode towards Sylas preparing a decoy to dodge any of Sylas’s attacks if things didn’t go his way. Sylas grinned, recalling his fight against Nasus. “You think you’re better than me, please you’re not even worth as much as the dirt on my shoe.I did lose to the mutt before, but that doesn’t mean I would lose to you ape. Afterall, you are just a stepping stone.” Wukong struggled to contain his laughter, “You think you’re able to beat the Empress?” holding his hands over his mouth, “And everyone says my jokes are bad.” Sylas shaking his head chuckled, “No, no, no, no, no. I think you misunderstood ape. What I was implying.” He got off his throne and walked down the dark steps towards Wukong. “I don’t need you.” Leaping forwards, Sylas threw his chains at Wukong, cracking the ground beneath in a powerful slam covering the room in a cloud of thick dust. “Just your radiance.” Sylas withdrew his chains, snapping the rubble. “A decoy, a nice trick I’ll admit. But you can’t hide from me.” Scores of eyes opened across Sylas’s body, scanning the room barely seeing anything through the thick dust. “You are correct about one thing, ape, I didn’t enter thee North Gate.” His eyes noticed something, a faint movement behind one of the pillars. “But the gate was never my intention.”You see, I needed something from him, something that only he could give me.” He whipped his chains at the light source. “Just like now, I don’t seek to simply defeat you or turn you Wukong.” Sylas circled around the pillar to strike again “And now, I seek something from you.” Wukong smashed through the pillar towards Sylas. “I don’t care why you challenged me, no one can beat me!” Extending his staff to the heavens, he heaved down towards Sylas. “I have fought countless before you. You’ll never beat my light!” Catching the staff before it landed, Sylas wrenched Wukong closer. “You sound very familiar to that mutt, he too once muttered the words that you do now.” With a twisted howl, Sylas begun to grow, glowing in an unholy light. “The prize I sought was the beast’s power,” The Ascended wraithlord gripped Wukong in an iron grip, a ghostly image of Nasus surrounding Sylas’s form. “And I took it all, his power, his divinity, his LIGHT.” With a sinister pulse, Wukong felt all his energy drain out of him. “Just like I have taken yours.” Wukong numbly felt himself thrown into a pill across the room. “So even with all this power, all you ever did with this was fight over titles and scraps? You naive monkey. You WASTED your divinity.” Sylas radiated gold, laughing into the darkness. “But i will not.” Using the last of his energy Wukong dived towards Sylas, desperately swinging his quarterstaff into a whirlwind, scattering the rubble and dust. “It doesn’t matter how strong you are, you’ll never match me.” Knocking Sylas into the air, Wukong leapt after him, swinging down his staff and smashing the glowing Sylas into the ground, cracking it further. “Oh, this power is truly wonderful,” the voice echoed behind Wukong. “Clone Decoys, huh? An interesting gimmick I’ll admit, but if you only ever clone trash, then it’s a useless trick.” Wukong turned to see hundreds images of giant wraiths towering over him. “But clones of a divine wraith king? That’s when it becomes true power.” A cold sweat begun to run down Wukong’s face. He searched the room, but there was no hiding. He was surrounded. In a flash of gold, Wukong was suspended by thousands of chains. “You were right ape. Your light is unbeatable, and now it's mine.” Withdrawing his chains, Sylas turned away. “With your defeat, now nothing can stop me from defeating the Empress.” Behind him, the glowing sea of wraiths marched towards the heavens.

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