Lunar reveal fan fiction

It was the night of the lunar festival; beautiful red and gold colours decorated the stands as far as the eye could see. Every stall had crowds huddled around all excitably waiting for their turn to part with their coin, some wishing to engage in the games, others wanting to fill their stomach with delicious food. The main attraction was yet to begin, the fireworks. Such lights that only come by once a year, the children waited with almost uncontrollable excitement only being contained by the momentary attractions. While, the adults pretended to take a reserved stance, yet their enthusiasm often breaks through the façade. Surprisingly, one girl seemed to embody all the excitement at once in her slim figure. Jinx, the festivals “Loose cannon” as she is appropriately nicknamed. An idol to the children, and a menace to the organisers. Her hyperactive nature leads to all sorts of problems, the fireworks going off early springs to mind. Which became such a problem it is simply now apart of the schedule. Every year she can be found running around at top speed, her green streak of hair flowing in the wind. A testament to her rebellious nature. “Ha. Ha. Ha. Jinx, why don’t you come get a meal” the rather portly fish speaks out, a deep and powerful voice carrying throughout the festival momentarily. The voice belonging Tahm Kench the self-proclaimed coin emperor, which no one dared tell him otherwise. Now a staple at the festival, with seemingly more orders than any one person, fish thing could take in. It wasn’t always like that, at first the creature and his stall was treated with suspicion and curiosity. Yet, he kept coming back and all it took was one bite of his sinfully delicious selection to be fully accepted into the festival. The line parts as jinx rushes down the middle towards the voice, her reputation proceeding her. “Well if it’s your idea… Soooo, could I get some of the dumplings?” She quickly said her speech almost as fast as her, fiddling with the coins in her hands anxiously as she eyes the food. “I’ll give you double then you ordered! You’re all skin and bones, eat girl or you won’t ever match me!” A booming laugh following the statement, his ample stomach bouncing with the exclamation. The dumplings were served up onto the gold coloured platter. The coins and meal exchanging hands. As Jinx is running off the voice calls out in the distance… “If you have any pranks, keep them away from my stall!” Jinx quickly turns around the dumpling sitting precariously on the platter, cupping her left hand up to her mouth in an effort to control the shout she replies “They won’t be! Uhh, not that I have any that is” the unimpressed looks of the adults showing that they clearly do not believe her. After the meal, she finds herself isolated on a hill of green grass, a forest close behind her and the festival below. A perfectly innocent and romantic spot to watch the fireworks, though Jinx looking down chuckling at the plans laid out in front of her would suggest this is not the current purpose. To an outside perspective, the plans would seem like madness, badly drawn diagrams with arrows pointing out from every direction, the frantic writing intelligible to a normal eye. To Jinx it all made perfect sense. “Everything is going just as planned” She says trying to come of ominously yet failing. “My firecrackerdragonofawesomeness will steal the show using the firecrackers I made myself” Her voice the epitome of excitement. The dragon was off to the side aimed to the sky, with four gold containers next to it clearly there for being loaded into the cannon. The time for the fireworks display was rapidly approaching, families were beginning to settle down. Quickly looking for the perfect spot to watch and happily enjoying the warm company of each other in the meantime. Some unlucky parties had stumped across Jinx’s masterpiece and quickly backed off before being noticed, clearly not wanting to deal with the troublemaker and her mischief. The night sky was light up beautifully by lanterns which floated slowly rising, shining as brightly as the stars. The mesmerising view, enrapturing the eyes of all festival goers right before the scheduled firework display. “Time to make my move” Jinx thought rushing over to the firework cannon and picking up the first cylinder she ‘carefully’ stuffed it into the dragon’s mouth. With a devious and satisfied smile on her lips, she reached down and lit the first fuse. As if it was roaring the firework viciously ripped out of its previous position and launched into the air. Without even looking at the result Jinx grabbed the next one and prepared the process again J The next one followed the same procedure, but this time without the previous care. Speed being the more important factor. Another firework blew up into the air, as stunning as the last. N The process quickly repeated, Jinx’s self-satisfied smile somehow getting even wider as her plan came to fruition. BOOM I The final canister was loaded into the cannon and shot out into the night sky. X Her plan had finally been finished, months in the making, and she had done it. Jinx’s lithe frame was filled with pure joy and exhilaration. A feeling of a job well done, even if that job is one of questionable motivation. As Jinx looked up about to reveal in her creation, her previously wide smile instantly disappeared. JNIX She had misspelt her own name, her most ambitious plan. The way she made her mark on the festival forever was ruined. She dropped to her knees, strong emotions running through her as she gazed upon her failure. And as her name fell from the sky, and the regularly scheduled fireworks started painting the night sky in regal golds and reds for the first time in forever Jinx felt tears roll down her eyes, and she cried.

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