Piltovian Development

The sun blared down upon the Du Couteau household. Cassiopeia reclined back into her large sofa as her servants set up the new contraption gifted to her. The events Cassiopeia’s experienced in Shurima had altered her entire life. She went from being a beautiful powerful temptress to a vile monster in mere hours. She knew the curse of the tomb to be true, but she didn’t imagine the results to full upon herself. She couldn’t look at her new form without a pit forming in her stomach. The tail that had replaced the legs she was once so proud of was covered in vibrant green scales. She found herself gazing upon them, the way the sun glittered across them, lighting each up individually, but also all of them at once. A large bang caused Cassiopeia to shift her gaze forward. Sitting on a large table in front of her was a large black mirror-like machine. It reflected her appearance and made her frown. One of the servants walked towards her and held out a small device for her. Taking it from his hands she examined it for a moment; it was about the size of her palm and was covered in small buttons of an array of colours. “It is a remote Lady Du Couteau. You press the button on the top right.” The servant spoke. “I know what it is, you fool.” Cassiopeia lied. “Leave here, your job is done.” The servant left the room, his two colleagues following close behind. Once she heard the door click shut and the servants descend the stairs Cassiopeia brought her focus back to the gadget in her hands. She turned it over, examining either side of it. The words spoken to her by her servant echoed in her head. She pressed the red button and the black mirror flickered to life. Cassiopeia jolted, dropping the remote into her lap and looking into the screen. The screen looked a lot like snow before clearing up, revealing a small menu. It displayed an array of options that Cassiopeia couldn’t begin to understand. One word caught her attention however ‘News’. If something was new, then Cassiopeia was going to be the first to experience it. Staring at the screen Cassiopeia waved her hand in an attempt to make the cursor move. It did not comply. She continued to wave her arms around in an attempt to change the current highlighted option. “How dare you ignore me!” Cassiopeia snarled, throwing her hands into her lap. The highlighted option lowered down to the one she wanted and she cheered. Looking downwards she found her palm pushed into an arrow pointing downwards on the remote. A light flicked on in Cassiopeia’s brain as she realized the function of the gadget was too control the black mirror. Grasping the remote firmly Cassiopeia began pressing buttons in order to make the screen change once more. After pressing the circular button in the centre, the screen went black for a moment before changing entirely. Cassiopeia jumped again as the channel changed and she gained sight of a blonde woman. She stared intently at the woman. “Hi there! It’s me Janna and welcome to Piltovian news!” The woman spoke rather quickly, her semi-sultry voice surprising Cassiopeia. The woman had bright blonde hair and shockingly blue eyes. She wore a blue jacket over a white button up, that gave a little too generous view of her cleavage. Cassiopeia sneered; the girl annoyed her and intrigued her at the same time, she wanted to look away but the woman kept her attention rather effectively. As once a beautiful temptress Cassiopeia had a small ping of respect for the woman. “Now I know what you’re thinking!” The woman’s voice broke Cassiopeia’s train of thought. “But Janna, you’re a forecaster? Why are you on the primetime? Well you see dedicated viewer, Draven is sick today and asked me too graciously step in for him. I know, I was as shocked as you are.” Cassiopeia noticed a small sense of arrogance about the end of the woman’s sentence, however she ignored it. “Now enough dawdling let’s get into today’s news! There have been recent developments in the northern Frejlord, as Ashe of the Avarosa Tribe has been receiving recent messages from Sejuani of the Winter’s Claw. Our Frejlordian informant has provided us with enough information to indicate it may imply a form of ancient relation between the women, however further investigations are required.” The woman readjusted her sitting position before continuing. “In other Northern related news, large rock walls have been sighted appearing sporadically across the land, the formations have been seen occurring between the Ionian mountains and through too that of the Frejlord, we advise any who come by them to stay wary, as they have been sighted crumbling as of recent developments.” Cassiopeia’s eye widened at the information provided to her. Could it have been that Shuriman stone mage? She would need to speak with her sister. With the intent in mind Cassiopeia began moving from her position, however the woman began speaking again. “In a more local report, a plant mage was seen chasing a large rat-like creature throughout the woods south of Piltover. According to information provided by our Travelling news correspondent before being, presumably eaten alive by conscious plant monsters, the rat had been pillaging the Plant Witches’ domain for days. The twitchy rat creature was found unconscious outside the city Zaun injured and alive however, showing no sign of regaining consciousness any time soon.” The woman on the screen smiled indiscriminately into the camera, Cassiopeia felt as if she was staring into her very soul. As she began to speak again Cassiopeia tightened her fists in preparation. However the woman was interrupted by someone speaking to her off camera, when she turned back she had a panicked expression across her face. “Well it turns out that security found out I had tied Draven up in his trailer, and Sheriff Caitlyn would like to have a word with me, in that case I will bid you all farewell and hope you have a good night.” The screen began to fade as Janna was picked up and pulled aside by several security guards. The sound of the ending jingle to the show played and screen went to black, reflecting Cassiopeia once more. Cassiopeia gazed at herself, the girl she saw in the ‘News’ kept her attention the entire time, whilst not doing anything special. It intrigued her, and inspired her. She was more astounding then the girl, even in her current form. If someone as average as that could keep Cassiopeia’s attention then she began to imagine the effect she could have on others.
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