Story of Zandaria; Dragonfire

DISCLAIMER; THIS IS NOT RELATED TO LEAGUE OF LEGENDS IN ANY WAY. ONLY POSTING IT HERE FOR THOSE INTERESTED IN READING A FAN-FICTION THAT GOES BEYOND THE LORE OF ONE CHARACTER IN THE STORY. YES, THE NAME USED IS IN W.O.W LORE. IF THIS IS NOT ALLOWED, I WILL TAKE IT DOWN ASAP. LEAVE SOME FEEDBACK, PRETTY MUCH WROTE THIS AT WORK ON A VERY SLOW DAY. HOPE YALL ENJOY THIS W.I.P PROJECT. **Dragon-fire The story of Zandaria** PART 1 This story is set at a time when the knights of the round-table were sat on their chairs, the sky littered with fire and magic taught and practiced throughout the lands. Kingdoms were brought up; kingdoms were ransacked, queens were throned, kings were dethroned, betrayal was a constant occurrence, love was a sight to behold and the domain of man finally were taken over by horrific flying beasts. A beast with its skin as thick as iron; with its talons as sharp as the metal swords drawn by the knights, its fire as hot as the burning sun and its wings clouding above the kingdoms of man that the beasts were holding their superiority over. With the sight of such creatures; horror and terror clouded the thoughts of every man, women and child ever born. With such a devastating realization of the current state of the land, the kings brought together their every subject, every priest, every wizard, every advisor, and every soldier in order to have a sole idea of how to stop the beasts. One king, named Arthus – King of Anvar who was one of the mighty three; suggested that a military contract be drawn that all kingdoms shall train as one unit and converse with the wizards in order to bring a new order of knights; not the knights with only swords but knights that are also taught the combat of magic. Never in the history of the lands of Zandaria have the knights ever used the art of magic or were ever given permission by the elder wizards to practice such. Arthus however then stated the following; ‘’My people are no longer going to be brought down to their knees and burnt like logs thrown into a fire pit by these beasts. My people will no longer have fear in their hearts from these flying creatures. My people will no longer BOW DOWN TO SUCH DEMONS’’ ‘’IT IS TIME TO FIGHT THESE CREATURES; WE ARE THE DOMINANT SPECIES IN THESE LANDS, WE ARE THE ONE AND ONLY PEOPLE WHO TAKE CONTROL OF OUR OWN LIVES. WE WILL NO LONGER BE HELD SLAVE’’ ‘’I SHALL CONVERSE WITH THE ELDER MAGE ZORTHOX AND BE GIVEN ACCESS INTO THE SANCTUARY OF MAGIC TO FOREVER LEARN THE WAYS OF OLD AND HAVE THE STRENGTH TO RID THESE LANDS OF THESE BEASTS’’ NARRATOR: *And with these words, Arthus leaves the hall; slamming the door behind him as his soldiers also follow. With such ferocity in his words; there was nothing but silence in the room. Arthus; the king of Anvar sets out with his soldiers to converse with Zorthox but little did he know that his fate is sealed with every step* PART 2 Arthus mounts his horse outside the kingdom walls; as his soldiers also do the same. Arthus then begins to ride out of the Kingdom of Helganar and towards the route leading to Zorthox’s lair. Arthus rode on the road for days; encountering all manner of different weather. On the third night; as Arthus was riding on the road, heading up a slightly steep hill; a ferocious roar is heard from the sky, as a strong gustling wind encounters it. Once again; the ferocious roar is heard and Arthus dismounts his horse, as he then unsheathes his sword named ‘Lightbringer’ famed for slaughtering his enemies in righteous wake. Arthus looks to the cold, windy sky as silence and fog then dims down onto the land; a cold sensation starts reeling up Arthus’s spine as he then grips the hilt of Lightbringer tighter. Arthus’s two closest friends, Captain Mercer and Lieutenant Slater both also unsheathed their swords; standing side-by-side near Arthus as the soldiers accompanying the convoy are all ready for the attack. Without a warning; without any sound except a gust of strong wind; soldiers screamed in horror and agonizing pain, as metal and flesh melts away; burst of flame engulfs the soldiers as Arthus, Mercer and Slater take cover behind the carriage. With the flame and smoke; the shadow of the beast emerges, wings stretching from one side of the trees to the other and red eyes, as if looking into the eyes of the devil himself. Soldiers begin to attempt to strike down the beast; as they begin to let loose their arrows from the bows but to no avail; another burst of flame erupts from the shadow, engulfing the soldiers in such flame as Arthus then saw the horrific sight before him; as he then attempted to charge at the beast; only being able to see the shadow. Mercer and Slater without any thought also charged but only with the intention of stopping Arthus; with that action; Arthus’s charge was to no avail and was also confronted by his two best soldiers. Mercer states: ‘’ARTHUS. TAKE CONTROL OF YOURSELF MAN, WE CAN NOT WIN THIS BATTLE. OUR MEN ARE ALL BURNED AND DEAD, YOU WILL DIE IF YOU STAY. WE MUST GO’’. Arthus then states back: ‘’I WILL NOT LET THEM DIE IN VAIN; I WILL SLAUGHTER THIS BEAST OR DIE TRYING. WE WILL NOT COWER FROM THESE BEASTS NO LONGER’’ Slater also talks to Arthus, stating: ‘’ARTHUS, WE MUST COMPLETE OUR MISSION. WE WILL DESTROY THESE BEASTS BUT NOT TODAY. WE MUST RUN AND GET TO SAFETY’’ With that; Arthus, Slater and Mercer then begin to flee; as they mount their horses and ride around the cover of the trees. The beast does not take notice; as it was occupied eating the flesh of the fallen. Arthus turns his head back; as he is still on his horse as he then shouts ‘’I WILL DESTROY YOU DEMON’’. Part 3 Arthus continued on his journey through the forests of Indran, through the stormy weathers and thunderous lightning that littered the sky with flashes of white spark. After a two week ride, Arthus then arrived to Zorthox’s Lair. As the horses approached the black cavern, they started to show signs of fear; as they shook their heads, moving uncontrollably. Arthus, Slater and Mercer attempted to gain control of their horses but to no avail; the horses then began to ride off. Slater looks to Mercer; ‘’what is going on here?’’ Mercer replies: ‘’I do not know but we must tread carefully’’. Arthus dismissed the statements as he begin to enter the cavern; symbols of red written all over the walls of the cavern, a hint of cold gustling wind begins to hit their flesh. Arthus forwarded on; dismissing the wind, as the metal clang of Armor is heard through his metal plated boots. A figure is seen in the distance; cloaked black, standing in between two pillars, as it is seen gripping a staff in his right hand and a book in his left. An altar is then seen as Arthus approaches the figure with candles lit into skulls formed around the altar. Arthus approaches the figure as Slater and Mercer took Arthus’s hand notion as ‘standby’. The figure then begins to speak in a dark, demonic-like tone; ‘’I have waited for you, my King. I have waited thousands of years for you to come to this place. Your life is filled with nothing but misery. I see what’s ahead, what was before and what is now. I am Zorthox and you, my king– are not ready for what lies ahead’’ The figure then uncloaks himself; rugged skin is seen, eyes as red as the beasts and a black mist gathering between his hands. A white beard is also noted on his chin. Arthus looks to the figure and states: ‘’Zorthox, I am ready to do anything to rid these lands of these beasts. You will teach me the ways of old and I will disperse these demons out of my lands!’’ Zorthox looks to Arthus; smiling such deviantly with no intentions but evil. Zorthox says: ‘’Very well, my king. You will be taught everything about the ways of old; but there is a price. Will you pay it?’’ as Zorthox then begins to withdraw a knife sitting on the altar, followed by a human skull. Slater and Mercer look to each other; as they notice the atmosphere around them as they then look to Arthus. ‘’MY KING, THIS IS NOT WHAT WE WANT. THERE IS NO EVIL IN THIS WORLD THEN WHAT WE SEE RIGHT NOW. WE MUST TURN BACK NOW’’ – Arthus turns to Mercer and Slater and then turns back to Zorthox, staring into his eyes then looks to the blade. Arthus withdraws his hand, as he then grips the knife; cutting his finger, drawing blood as it drips into the skull. With that action; Zorthox smiles deviantly once again, as he then raises his hands to the skull, picking it up – drinking the blood of Arthus. Zorthox then hands the skull to Arthus. Zorthox says: ‘’It is time you fulfil this deal. Strike me down with nothing but your sword and you will gain what you seek!’’. Arthus looks to Zorthox, unsheathing his sword – Zorthox can already see what Arthus’s eyes represent, what they visualise – Mercer and Slater have the expression of horror on their faces as they turn to Arthus, looking into his eyes. Arthus draws Lightbringer and plunges it deep into the chest of Zorthox, blood seeping out of his mouth and wound; as Arthus’s sword is covered in his blood. Slater and Mercer realise that they can’t move as they wanted to flee the cavern. Arthus turns to them; as he then begins to point his sword to them; no longer is the sword famed for slaughtering the guilty, no longer is the sword named ‘Lightbringer’ but it is now famed for slaughtering the innocent and is named ‘Deathstroke’. As Arthus forwards the sword in the direction of his once best soldiers; a red and black dark aura begins to en-shadow over him and death-stroke, as the sword is then pierced into the chest of Mercer; with his last sight, Mercer peered into the deep, red, evil eyes of Arthus, as the sword is then ripped out of Mercer’s chest, blood gushing everywhere onto the ground. Mercer then drops lifeless onto the ground as Slater; then begins to flee in such terror from Arthus; just witnessing his King slaughtering his own best friend. Slater continues running; as a roar is then heard from above, the beast flies over the cavern. Part 4 A day passes as Slater was seen on the road; heading back to the Kingdom of Helganar. Passing by an old abandoned house, Slater takes refuge. Nothing but burnt, brittled walls a small fireplace, some hay and an axe is seen. Slater knew that in order to survive through the current weather conditions, he must make a fire. So he gripped the axe; and then begin to go outside, cutting the trees in order to acquire some wood. Moments pass, as Slater acquires some logs as a ferocious growl is heard. Slater turns back, looking behind him as a creature, with sharp claws, brown and thick fur and ferocious teeth is seen. Creature begins to growl again as it then stands up on its legs, showing Slater the brute size that currently encompasses it. The creature then begins to charge to Slater; as it is seen charging, Slater quickly grips the axe by the hilt; slashing it towards the creatures face. Without any time wasted, the axe slashes the left eye of the creature, as it then growls in such a horrific but agonizing tone as it then turns around. The creature looks back to Slater, as it sneers; grinding its razor sharp teeth; as it then charges again to Slater, this time; directly lunging at him with its bodyweight. Slater; being the experienced knight, then rolls as it dodges the creature, as he then forward the axe into the creatures skull, as the axe then pierced the creatures head; with the blade completely breaking the creatures skull. The creature then lays there lifeless; as blood gushes out of the wound sustained to the head. Slater then begins to kneel down; kicking the creatures head with his foot assuring it is now dead. Slater then notices the thick fur of the creature’s uses, as he then begins to skin it. Slater then begins to cut the creature up into pieces, removing all internal organs but keeping the meat. Slater returns back to the house, as he then begins to make the fire, throwing the logs into the fireplace as he then begins to stoke a fire. Slater begins to then head back outside; as he then approaches the nearby lake for water, taking a sip of it; dunking the creatures fur; cleaning off all the blood and remaining liquid of the internal organs of the creature. Slater then returns back to the house, as he then turns the fur into a cloak; using it for warmth as he then also begins to throw the pieces of the meat of the creature into the fire-place, connecting it with the wood as he then begins to cook the meat for a food source. Slater then begins to eat the meat after it being cooked; as he then sleeps on the floor, using his cloak for warmth… Part 5 Arthus is no longer the King he once was; fuelled with evil spirits clouding his thoughts, the voice he hears from his sword Deathstroke and the best friend that he murdered in cold blood changes the once glorified king, into now nothing but an evil presence in the land. Arthus still in the cavern; draws power from slaughtering the innocent, taking note of this; he then begins to grab the scrolls of the old ways; reading through them, as he then notices a spell. Arthus chants the words; as he then directs the sword in the direction of his fallen comrade, as the body of his once best friend now begins to move and tremble. Bones are heard cracking followed by a snarl; as the body then begins to disfigure itself into something so horrific and evil, that it is noted as a Ghoul. The ghoul is a skeleton figured, evil – black eyed creature, born only from the command of its master and has no will of its own. It feeds on the flesh of the fallen and burrows back into the ground every night. As the ghoul rises, it snarls; looking in the direction of its Master but does not look into his eyes; the ghoul kneels as Arthus then states, with a change of tone of nothing but a demonic, evil tone; ‘’You are born to serve, you are born to kill, you are born to slaughter and diminish this pitiful land of all the innocent.’’ With the words of its master, the Ghoul snarls; and then begins to rise up, as it then devours the nearby corpse of Arthus’s once fallen comrade. Gnashing of teeth, bones and flesh are heard throughout the cavern. Arthus then begins to scroll through more pages of the scroll; as he takes knowledge of all the magical practices of the ways of Old. One more spell was taken interest by Arthus; it reads ‘’BY THE COMMAND OF ITS MASTER; THE DEATH STEED SHALL RISE AND BE HIS PLAUGE OF EVIL THROUGHOUT THE LANDS’’ While reading the passage; Arthus took note of both the requirements and the price of the summoning. ‘’With every bit of righteousness you possess will be rid of; the soul shall be a carrier of evil. Pierce the circle with the blood of the innocent and the steed shall rise’’ Arthus then closes the scroll, placing it back onto the altar; as he then begins to head towards a drawn circle onto the ground. Symbols are aligned within the circle, drawn in nothing but litted blood. Arthus enters the circle; as he then begins to chant the words, then unsheathes Deathstroke; plunging it into the middle of the circle. Arthus’s red eyes; pierced even more in horrific colour, as blood begins to seep out form the blade of the sword. Thunder is heard clashing in the sky, as lightning sparks near the cavern. A ferocious roar is heard out of the cavern, as a muck of water is also seen appearing by the circle. The blood seeping from the sword, joins into the muck of a pool of blood as a figure starts to emerge – with the depiction of a horse, eyes as red as its masters, black smogged and cloaked skin and fur. Legs and body as dark as the night sky. It approaches its master; with Arthus gazing into its eyes. Arthus then takes a grip on Deathstroke, as he pulls it out of the circle and then begins to mount the death steed. Arthus then rides out of the cavern in the night sky as evil is then unleashed onto the lands... Part 6 Back in the kingdom of Helganar, the other two kings and all the knights are now at war with different creatures that are trying to slaughter them. On the walls of the kingdom, are lined archers drawing their bows and letting their arrows loose on the new creatures that they face every night and day. The two kings have also appointed more captains and lieutenants to over-see operations and advise them on any new battle plans on how to defeat this new evil that seems to be spreading over the lands. None of the flying beasts were seen anymore that once threatened the citizens of the lands, now – a new evil has arisen. Some creatures were described to have a skeletal feature, with razor sharp claws and burrowing deep into the ground at night time and coming back out. Some have also described to be bigger creatures, enormous as a carriage; with tusks like steel blades and huge legs and feet. One night; as the creatures now identified as the Ghouls attempted to break the gate and breach through, a man by the name of Athan; took the charge of defending the gate and picked up the nearby bows along the upper walls. Athan; drew back the bow, as he then let the arrow loose; shooting it directly into the head of the Ghoul. The ghoul then snarled; as it gazed to Athan; with the arrow having no effect on this skeletal monstrosity. Athan then began to think about another measure; so he put some oil in a small rag; tieing it on the blade-sided edge of the arrow, and then lit it on fire. Once again, drawing the bow-string back and letting the flaming arrow loose; he then shot it again into the head of the Ghoul, as the Ghoul then begins to erupt in the flame and then disappears as if clear dust in the night sky. Athan; took sight of this and quickly sprinted heading back into the kingdom. He approaches the nearby King’s guards and states; ‘’I MUST SEE THE KINGS RIGHT AWAY’’ – one of the King’s guards tells Athan to stand back, as Athan then sprints through them; barging into the throne room. Athan then begins to shout ‘’I MUST SPEAK WITH YOU NOW. One of the kings approaches Athan; inspecting his appearance and then looks to his face. ‘’Speak’’ says the King. Athan says; ‘’My Kings. I have found the weakness of the creatures. I know how to permanently rid of them’’ – as Athan states that, the second king stands from his throne; as he then also approaches Athan. ‘’How do you expect we do that, young man’’? As Athan then says ‘’I lit my arrow with fire engulfed from oil and shot the ghoul in the head. It then engulfed in flame and turned to dust’’. As Athan finished his sentence, both the kings were astounded from the news they just heard. Both looking to each other in such disbelief; then look back to Athan and state ‘’what is your name?’’ – Athan then states ‘’I am Athan; Son of Arthus. Sole Prince of Anvar’’. Both kings look to each other once again; as they then realise who stands before them. Athan is then told to go to the main room and await further instruction. One of the kings turns to the other and says ‘’It is true... But does he know who his father truly is?’’ – As the second king then says ‘’He must never know. Shield him from the truth’’. Both kings then head into the main hall, as they approach Athan and state ‘’you are brave, young man. It is an honour to meet you, Athan; Prince of Anvar’’. One of the kings then says ‘’your father was a brave king. No word of him has been heard or any sight of him seen. We continue to this day; attempt to find him throughout the lands with our scouts’’. Athan then responds ‘’I will find my father and bring this evil to its knees. I will destroy all evil that encompasses this land and rid of all these filthy creatures’’. Both kings look to each other; as they then realise the same attitude Athan portrays relating to his father. One king says ‘’we will do it together, young Prince. For your father and these lands, we must diminish this evil’’. Part 7 One night, as the trees are being battered by the harsh winds of a cold night, darkness is spread throughout every crack and crevice of all the nearby houses and buildings of the villages and towns. Arthus; riding on his death-steed passed by a familiar building that was once known to the goodness in him. As he dismounted his horse and approached the building, he began to hear voices originating out from his sword. The voices bared a deathly and unearthly tone, whispering nothing but the sole intentions of evil in his ear. As Arthus was at the front door of the house; the door began to disintegrate but not before a mist of shadows started to envelop it. Arthus then began to step forward; looking inside the building. Distinctive photographs of a young woman is seen with what appears to be a female identified as a mother, with a male also identified as a father. Arthus’s eyes glare towards the photograph of the woman; as a voice is heard ‘’Innocence will never flourish. Purge this pitiful land of all the weak’’. As the voice came to a conclusion; Arthus’s eyes glowed even a darker red then previously seen; as he drew his sword. Wood is heard crackling, as the foundations of the house begins to rumble. The ceiling starts to collapse on the floorboards; as the shadows begin to envelop the house; fire engulfs throughout the floorboards as Arthus then proceeds to turn around, mounting his Death-steed. Arthus and his death-steed then begin to ride from the house towards an old tavern that was nearby a lake. As Arthus dismounts the death-steed, the shadows begin to engulf the ground that he steps on; as it burns every single spec of life from plants to small critters that are on the ground. Arthus begins to walk towards the door of the tavern; as it engulfs in flame with the sound of wood crackling and crumbling then finally turning into dust. Arthus then begins to step through the doorway and looks around the tavern only to find nothing but more pictures of a young girl smiling and playing on a swing. Arthus’s red piercing eyes begin to glare at the photograph of the young girl as the voice originating from his sword begins to tone louder in volume; piercing directly into his mind in a harsh-deathly tone stating ‘’There is no memory of good, only the evil enjoined and your task to accomplish of what is at hand. Lay waste to this place and forever be the reaper of this pitiful wasteland’’. As the voice burns harsh within his mind, Arthus begins to extend his hand out to the picture of the young woman; as shadows then begin to engulf it; lighting a red, devastatingly hot fire which disintegrates the photograph and spreads towards the walls. Fire crackles as the wood crumbles; Arthus mounting his death-steed and then begins to ride away from the tavern in the direction heading towards a nearby village. The dark, night sky is litted with thunderous roars as lightning continues sparking with the clashes heard throughout the lands. Sparks are seen turning into engulfed flame as the lightning clashes directly into the trees; fire roars, crackles and burns through everything in its sight. Arthus seen with his death-steed; riding towards a hilltop beside the village. One of the villagers then spot a figure on the hillside; described as an unearthly, ungodly sight. Arthus then begins to reach to his sword ‘death-stroke’ as he then unsheathes the ungodly blade, then points it in the direction of the village. Shadows begin to engulf the village; as a midst of black fog begin to enshroud over the buildings. Villagers are in horror; in such terrific fright; that they ran in-doors and took cover under their beds, closets and anywhere else they could hide. Arthus then sheathes his sword; as he then begins to grip the reins of his death-steed tighter; the eyes of both Arthus and the death-steed glare a brighter and darker red. As the event continues on; a sound of gnashing bones and soil and grass ripping from the depth of the ground is heard. One villager with his wife and daughter is in one of the houses; not a big house, but accommodating enough for a small family. The husband turns to the wife and says ‘’I need to see what is outside, darling. You need to make sure that Jacob does not see anything. He is only a young one. I will be back, don’t worry about me’’. The wife then replies with ‘’No, it’s too dangerous. You will not leave us like this, my love. I can’t bare to lose you. The husband then replies ‘’You have nothing to worry about’’ as he then begins to place a hand on her cheeks; caressing it; as he then begins to leave the room slowly; and then heads towards the lounge room. The husband then begins to open the curtain slowly; breathing heavily as he begins to feel a cold, harsh sensation in his spine. As the husband then begins to peer outside the window; he then spots a creature, born of evil and death. It is of skeletal form; with claws as sharp as a blade; eyes pitch black, as it then stares directly at him. He feels as if his heart then began to stop; as he swiftly closed the curtain. The husband then slowly creeps back to the bedroom, and as he opens it, he then feels the cold sensation intensifying; and then looks in horror at the sight before him. No one is seen in the bedroom; only the marks of the claws of the ghouls and blood splattered all over the bedroom. The husband then gets on his knees; as tears begin to gush down his face; followed by the sensation of pure anger; as suddenly, shadow begins to engulf the house; burning everything in its wake. Nothing is left but the dust of a disintegrated body and the lost memories of the house of the family. Arthus riding through the village; then begins to sight multiple villagers behind a nearby building. Arthus then begins to approach the building; as the shadow begins to follow him. Arthus’s death-steed comes to stop; as the sight of the villagers begins to dim with the gaze of looking at this ungodly figure. Arthus then begins to dismount his death-steed; as he then reaches to Death-stroke, unsheathing it and then begins to approach the villagers. The voice begins to originate from the sword once again as it states; ‘’Cleanse the purity, goodness and righteousness from these souls’’. Arthus then begins to point Deathstroke in the direction of the frightened villagers. One of the villagers is a man named Esbern. Esbern is also with his son and his daughter. Clutching his son and his daughter in his arms; Esbern closes his eyes, as Arthus plunges death-stroke directly into his back, just missing the children by an inch. Blood starts gushing out of the wound at a fierce pace; as Esbern’s body then begins to turn lifeless. Esbern’s body then begins to crumble; as his soul is then harvested into Deathstroke. With their eyes still closed; the children then also begin to fall to the ground; as their souls are also harvested into Deathstroke just by the gaze of Arthus meeting their flesh. Arthus then sheathes Deathstroke; as he then begins to mount his death-steed. Arthus then begins to hear a voice originating from his sword once again ‘’Head to the centre of this village; and plunge Deathstroke in the depths of the land. Your minions will then inhabit and take control’’. With that; Arthus then begins to ride to the centre-point of the village. Arthus then unmounts deathsteed; as he then unsheathes Deathstroke and then plunges it deep into the ground. More ghouls begin to rise from the depths of the ground; followed by a new figure emerging from the shadows. Cloaked in black, with skeletal features and red markings alongst its face; the necromancer is then summoned. The necromancer then begins to kneel; not meeting the gaze of Arthus as it then begins to recite an incantation. The incantation results in the ground; turning into a green field; with risen structures made from bone and blood. All the plants nearby then begin to disintegrate instantly; with the nearby animals then turning into creatures of darkness. Ghouls then begin to follow the orders given by the necromancer; as they then work in unison; cutting the nearby trees and gathering any resources in sight. Totems are also seen rising up from the ground; with the skeleton of humans mounted on them and red markings carved into them. One of the totem is noted as a sacrificial post. Arthus then begins to mount his deathsteed once again; as he then rides in the direction back where he came from; the place where it all started; the lair of Zorthox. Part 8 As the thunder crackles in the fierce, dreaded and dark sky; the shadows envelop throughout the entire land stretching from kingdom to kingdom. Rain heavily clattering down onto charred buildings that were once seen as proud homes. As the death-steed approaches with its master clenching the sword; it begins to enter Zorthox’s lair; with voices beginning to be heard once again originating from his sword. In a dark, grim and devilish tone; it sounds ‘’Approach’’ as Arthus then began to approach the pillars beside the altar. Arthus then begins to sheathe his sword; as he then steps off his death-steed and then starts to walk towards the pillar. Arthus then begins to chant incantations that he is being told by the voices originating from the sword; as he speaks in a demonic, dark and deathly tone; the walls beside the pillar and the altar begin to start crumbling down as the ground beneath his feet also groan, crumble and shatter. Something is seen rising and ripping its way out of the ground; as a big tower then begins to emerge reaching all the way up high as the mountains. Voices continue originating from Deathstroke as it states ‘’Make your way up the peak. Claim what is yours and use this new-found power to cleanse the world’’. Arthus then begins to approach the tower; as red symbols begin to lighten up on the walls with a dark mist enshadowing every step that takes by Arthus. As the climb continues, moments later; Arthus comes to a stop as a noteable figure is seen in his sight; it takes the image of his once-known combatant and friend, Mercer. Voices originate from the sword once again as it states ‘’Innocence is the plague. Diminish every spec of it’’ as death-stroke then begins to glow a dark, bright red with cloudy, dark mist overshadowing the hilt of the sword, climbing down to the blade itself. Arthus heeds the call of his master as he then begins to take a firm grip of the hilt of death-stroke and then begins to plunge it deep into the chest of the figure. As the sword is plunged through the chest of this remnant of Arthus’s innocent memory, voices begin to call out as the figure then turns into mere dust. Sounds that are heard are noticeable to this instrument of death; especially a very familiar sound which was that of his own commander when Arthus was training in the army of Anvar. Figure was not of flesh but of a spectral element; a wisp looking directly straight at Arthus. It then begins to state in a righteous, calm tone: ‘’Arthus, You have been lost with all the anger you hold in your soul. You are filled with hatred, born from your anger towards the beasts that once haunted these lands. You have lost all guidance and knowledge of the way of the righteous. Don’t let the last shred of innocence in you fade away. I know there is still some good in you’’ as the voices from the sword then begins to originate stating ‘’don’t listen to these false statements. These are nothing but memories from the past that were holding back your true potential. Memories of the corruption and the inflicted. Draw your sword and end this once and for all. Draw your sword and diminish this piece of falsehood from your mind!’’ as Arthus then begins to take a grip of the hilt of death-stroke once again, eyes glaring a deep red and then begins to point towards the sword after unsheathing it, in the direction of the figure. The figure then states ‘’we see the good in you, Arthus. Do NOT SUCCUMB TO THIS EVIL. FIGHT IT’’ as the voices from the sword then begins to sound louder and more deathly in tone stating ‘’STRIKE THE INNOCENCE FROM YOUR MIND’’ as Arthus then without hesitation; plunges the sword deep into the chest of the figure as it then evaporates away. Arthus then begins to sheathe the sword, continuing the climb. Moments later, Arthus reaches the highest peak as he then looks towards a crystallised blue gem with fragments of metal inside. Voices from the sword begin to sound once again stating ‘’this is your throne. To fit the instrument of death, we must acquire your reigning armor. Strike the crystal with your sword, unleash your true power and reign over this domain!’’. Arthus’s eyes then begin to grow a darker brighter red once again, as the black mist then begins to overshadow death-stroke as Arthus then begins to unsheathe his ungodly weapon; plunging it straight into the crystal. Fragments of the crystal then begin to spray everywhere, as the metal inside the crystal is then released falling onto the ground. The metal is sighted to be of that a helmet with its sight instilling total undermining fear into all those who gaze at it. Arthus reaches down; taking a firm grip of the helmet; placing it on his head as he then feels movement originating from his sword. Cracks begin to form on death-stroke, in bright red incantations as the sword then begins to glow darker. Blood begins to seep out of the sword onto the ground, as the incantations on the sword are completely drawn. Cracks begin to also form in the helmet, as dark, red incantations begin to form on it. W.I.P

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