A Chain of Corruption | Skins Story Slam 2018

**Year 6,523** _The device was found by Freljordians on a scouting mission, buried deep within the caverns of a True Ice glacier. Upon analysis, it appears to be a recording machine, built of ancient technologies. We think it’s capable of recording mental thoughts of the user, not just vocal. When activated, an unknown language is spoken. It’s been used before. This device has been sent to Nasus in an attempt to interpret the language. He has found it similar to that from the ancient Cosmic entities, but something even more archaic, more powerful. He has translated as much as possible and has determined this to be the language of the Arclight, the gods of the Cosmic. Written below are transcripts of the records that Nasus has completed._ **Record of the War; Varus ADD TO THE HISTORY BOOKS UPON VICTORY** _Y:2,910 D:317_ There is talk of an approaching threat. Rumours, gathered from our scouts scattered across galaxies, all speak of a corrupt star, consuming all light and life in its path. The elite Cosmic soldiers have been dispatched to monitor this situation. They have been given the jurisdiction to eliminate the threat, if need be. - - - _Y:2,910 D:333_ The Cosmic Reaver caught a glimpse of what he believes is their commander, while scouting a planet within the Runeterra galaxy. A terrible, foreboding figure wreathed in purple and black. His very form is… ethereal, almost immaterial, as if created from the very atmosphere of a destroyed planet. In one hand is an obsidian hook, connected to a chain wrapped around his arm. The other possessed – for lack of description – nothingness. Pure emptiness, which seems to warp the very light around it. This was the only information he could gather. With the gesture of a hand, the very ground had shook, absorbed into the void which he grasped. Kassadin was forced to retreat, and the planet is now no more. This entity has been dubbed as ‘Harbinger’. The Cosmics have been ordered to destroy it, at any cost. - - - _Y:2,910 D:341_ What was meant to be a quick elimination has turned into much more. There was always the knowledge that the Harbinger was not alone. His lieutenants had stirred chaos across the universe. The only unknown, however, was their exact locations. Now, they’ve returned. And they’ve made their presence known. The Cosmic Queen is critically injured. An attempted assassination, by a winged creature descending from the skies. One strike from scythe-like claws crippled, and the second strike very nearly killed her. The next second, it was gone, vanished into nothingness with a ripple, leaving Ashe bleeding to death. It’s been eons since we’ve stepped into cosmic affairs. With one of their only ranged combatants down, however, it’s time for Vayne and I to step in. We shall see if these Dark Stars can withstand the burn of the Arclight. - - - _Y:2,911 D:053_ This battle- no, war- has lasted far longer than it should’ve. One of the lieutenants, a humanoid figure, with a pulsating star to replace his heart. He’s a sign of the corruptive powers of the Dark Star, or the Harbinger himself. We have no idea where he’s from, what galaxy or planet, though he does look eerily familiar. What we do know, however, is that before his corruption, he was a king. And his army continues to serve him, even when deformed and plagued by the growing darkness that has transformed him. Our salvation was the return of Vel’Koz, the Arclight Weaver, and with him a new piece to the puzzle. Yorick. A man, a former ruler, now blessed with the strength to call upon and reincarnate his fallen kingdom. Now, it’s an impasse. Neither the Corrupt King’s servants nor the Reborn Ruler’s soldiers die. They’re brought back much too fast, even with our efforts into nullifying their forces. The only way this war will finish is with the death of the Harbinger, and its lieutenants. - - - _Y:2,911 D:055_ One lieutenant down. A giant beast, six-limbed and capable of letting out deafening screeches. The Cosmic Reaver lured them to a path, and as they gave chase, we ambushed this monstrosity left lumbering behind. Eight against one- not a particularly fair fight. Even then, there were losses. It’d managed to feast on the Enchantress’ Aurelion Smol. It’ll be a while before the small pet is rebirthed from cosmic stardust and essence. As the beast was felled, screaming as its twin black holes blinked out of existence, the others returned. By then, it was too late for the other lieutenants. Not the Harbinger, though. A burning sear cut across my back as his hook ripped through skin, quickly replaced with an icy numbness that left me gasping in pain. Only with Lulu’s enchantments, was I able to escape. A few hours later, and the pain is gone. Vayne says the lash has scarred, a jagged laceration across my back, black as the Harbinger himself. It’s a cut, though. Simple as that. Nothing too harmful. In the back of my mind, though… something doesn’t feel so good. Maybe… No. Just a cut. I’ll be fine. Maybe after a night’s rest… - - - _Y:2,911 D:055_ IT BURNS IT BURNS IT BURNS THE CUT IT FREEZES IT CHILLS BUT IT BURNS HOW CAN SOMETHING ANYTHING EVERYTHING BE SO COLD? can no one hear my agony? has the scar grown since yesterday? why do I feel so… **cold. warm. perfect.** - - - _[From what I could tell, the same entity speaking had two different voices. I’ve transcribed these two voices in different scripts for identification. -Nasus]_ - - - _Y:2,911 D:056_ A quiet night. Interestingly, the scar seems to be gone already. Not even a blemish on my skin. We’ve lain a trap for the bug that nearly killed the Cosmic Queen, aptly dubbed ‘Assassin’. Similar to yesterday, the Cosmic Reaver is to lure them to our ambush site. With Assassin gone, it won’t be long until the war is over. - - - _Y:2,911 D:058_ They knew. The ambush was an absolute failure. Kassadin never made it to the designated site. All contact has been lost with him. I can only assume the worst. There is someone within us, providing information to the Dark Stars. The thought of a traitor is giving me a headache. I’m getting some sleep. - - - _Y:2,911 D:058_ The darkness. It surrounds me, consumes me. It’s numbing. I feel… **fine. Perfectly fine. ** **Soon, I will join the commander, by his side. But before then… they do not suspect me yet. Even myself… my weaker self… has no idea. They don’t know a thing. A perfect opportunity. ** - - - _Y:2,911 D:059_ Yorick is dead. His bed is stained with blood, spilling from two massive cuts across his torso. He’ll return, eventually. Reforged by the Arclight. But without him, our army is no longer invincible, no longer infinite. We must end this war. Today. My head throbs. Vayne’s concerned for me, but I can’t back off now. This fight, our final stand… it’s calling for me. **I must be there. ** - - - The moment that the Harbinger **my commander** arrived, my headache intensified. **Nerves**, I told myself. My back is in pain, numb and chilly. The Harbinger is joined by his lieutenants. They don’t seem particularly concerned for the upcoming fight- **“Come.” ** A voice, guttural, ethereal. Did no one hear that? Pain flares up, stemming from my back as if sliced open, I can’t move, I try to scream, to say something, anything, but nothing is happening everything seems dark its so cold _whatisgoingonhelpmeicantsee-_ **Ah. Thresh’s plan worked. As I watch, colour leeches from my arms, my hands, my bow. A faded purple and black. I know my mission. No hesitation. The arrow pierces Vayne’s back, and as she falls, shock and disbelief on her face, I begin to laugh. There’s an answering laugh from my Commander. As the Cosmics turn to face me, confusion and horror etched on their faces, he surges forward, flanked by his lieutenants. As I raise my bow, aimed at Vel’Koz, the Commander’s voice welcomes me to the Dark Star.** - - - _Transcripts are to be stored inside the private Avarosan castle libraries. Keep away from public eye, until more information on these ‘Dark Star; entities and their potential danger is revealed. _
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