One night,one chance to save the festival.

Is the time of the Lunar festival.Everyone is waiting for the big contest to start.This contest is about 2 team fighting to see who is the best and who is going to be lucky one this year and playing typical festival games to earn points and win for they"re team.The games have started.Everyone must choose a team.Jinx and Corki choose team dragon,because for them the dragon is the best team of all. Sejuani and Vayne choose the pig team,because for them is the cutest and fluffiest of all animals, and, because Sejuani loves pigs so much,she brought her best friend at the festival.Annie is there to count the points.If someone tries to cheat,Annie will take care of it with the help of her special friend,Tibbers. If u don't play by the rules you are out.says Annie Ok ok,fine can we start already? asks Jinx bored Let me explain the rules to the first games. says Annie So,the first game is called ,,Stay still".You have to stay in the lotus position without moving. Katarina please show them the lotus position. After Katarina showed them the position Jinx said: Wow,that's it,pfff,easy.i'll do it. I will do it for my team, Vayne shouted So, its on, the competitors got into the positions they have been asked to be in. Suddenly,2 snakes climbed on Jinxes and Vaynes bodies Get it of,Jinx screamed Oh, i forgot to tell you about the snakes,Annie said while laughing Then Jinx gave up. I give up.I GIVE UP. -Congrats Vayne,you won the first round. It was 1 for the pigs and 0 for the dragons. Now,lets go on with the second game that is called ,,The best friend race" You and your pet friend have to race against the enemy to win a point,but,be careful,the road is full of suprises.-What do you mean by ,,suprises", asked Sejuani Its a surprise,laughed Annie I'm ready for this,said Corki Not so fast,said Sejuani So,with that being said, let the best friend race begin 3,2,1 GOOOO-shouted Annie. So it was on,Sejuani ran like the wind on the road but Corki was catching up on her. A gift from the pig team said Sejuani, trowing a bag of coins at Corki slowing him down. Sejuani was the first one I win yohoooo. Nope, you didn't,said Annie What do you mean?-Sejuani asked You cheated.Done make me call my friend. Fine fine. So it was 1 for the pigs and 1 for the dragons. Its a tie,Annie said.The next game will decide the winner of the Lunar revel contest this year. Suddenly,all the lights went out.Shadows begin appearing,moving faster every time they move. From the shadow,someone appeared,it was Morgana,but she wasn't alone,Caitlyn and Sylas were there too. This is our year,the darkness will take over this pathetic world.Everyone was scared. Now, give me your pig little girl,it will make a grate meal,said Caitlyn. No,i wont let you harm her,Sejuani shouted Do not try my pacience,give it to me screamed Caitlyn trying to grab it, but suddenly Jinx launched the biggest firework at Caitlyn saying: Happy New Year demon,but,Sylas stoped the firework piont it back at Jinx saying,You made a big mistake, and trowing it at her. when it was close to hit her when a powerful light came from the sky stoped the firework from hitting Jinx. It was The Empress and her guardians. Morgana trowed a dark and powerful spell at her but Warwick took the hit. Nasus raised his staff at Morgana and Sylas,but Caitlyn started him by dancing in a weird way Behind them Warwick opened the door of the goddess,Lux creating a big light laser pushing the shadow in the door,Nasus closing the it as fast as he cloud.Then Warwick said:My empress is time to go. Lux responding:No, lets celebrate with them at leas this year,we deserve it. After that,everybody grabbed a firework,light it and let it fly in the colorful sky.After that all of them danced with the empress while her guardians meet the guardian of the game,Tibbers. So, is time to celebrate,again,because,you get to celebrate and save the world from eternal darkness once a year

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