The night was eerie as Katarina silently leaped from one tree to another. Her comrades were a considerable distance behind, as they struggled to keep up with Katarina’s swift, precise footwork. Noticing an isolated Demacian squire below, Katarina motioned her allies to a halt with a hand signal, then, she pointed her fine dagger towards her newfound target and grinned. Understanding their queue, Katarina's comrades proceeded to follow her as they stalked the young boy, hoping that he will lead them straight to his campsite. As Katarina engaged in a silent pursuit, she noticed that the boy exhibited signs of paranoia, often whirling around to see if anyone was following him and keeping his hand by his short sword as he ran through the woods. Katarina put her temptations for a slow, meaningful death aside as a brightly lit campfire entered her sights. “No turning back”, she muttered to herself. As the tangible smell of roasted meat began to fill the atmosphere, her insatiable thirst for bloodshed only grew. The figures surrounding the campfire became more prominent as Katarina closed in. At a reliable distance away from the attention, she carefully assessed her targets, looking for an opening for a clean killing spree. Before she could even smile at her opportunity, a hail of arrows could be heard behind her, followed by a fluent whistle that echoed through the wind, and when she whirled around to look for the source, she witnessed the bloody bodies of her comrades spread throughout the trees, Quinn standing amongst them, smirking. “I’d keep my head down if I were you” she taunted. Enraged by the dishonour she had now brought to her name, Katarina refused to be defeated so ingloriously, however, a horde of Demacian soldiers circled warily around her, determined to apprehend the infamous sinister blade. She was outnumbered. Quinn chuckled at her impending defeat. A soft grin formed on Katarina’s face, alarming Quinn. “Gouge her Valor” yelled Quinn as Valor immediately charged towards Katarina at an incredible speed. Just as the beak of Valor scratched her closed eyelid, she instantly vanished in a puff of red smoke. Quinn gaped in horror as she appeared behind a Demacian marksman, slitting his throat wide open with a menacing smile. She then proceeded to dance around the soldiers’ emphatically slow movements with a flurry of steel, thrusting knives and slashing bodies simultaneously. The men flailed their weapons in the air in an attempt to interrupt Katarina’s massacre, as their numbers rapidly declined. Devastated, and unable to do anything as her beloved friends were slaughtered so swifty, Quinn cried out in frustration, regretting her decision to taunt Katarina as opposed to killing her when she had the chance. Understanding the reality of the situation, and realising how vulnerable Quinn was, he snatched Quinn by the arms with his large claws, and flew her away to Demacia to warn them of their defeat. Only the burning sound of the bonfire could be heard as Katarina embraced the sight of her annihilation. She had once again proven her worth to Noxus, and smirked at the realisation that she would be instrumental in the genesis of fear in Demacia. Treading through the blood of her soldiers, Katarina observed the horrified facial expressions of those she had cut down, fueling her pride. The demacian squire from earlier emerged from the trees, surrendered his sword and kneeled before her pusillanimously. “I-I just want to be a Noxian like you” he mumbled. “Demacians are weak anyway, and I don’t want to be seen as weak again.” He could feel the hairs rising on his skin as Katarina slowly turned to his direction, her dagger gleaming in the moonlight. She didn’t seem forgiving. The boy could feel his body shake vigorously as she began to approach him with an extending smile. “Are you a god ?” he murmured in fear. Those were his last words before Katarina pulled his hair back to viciously sever his head. “Too easy” _Authors note: Now that I think about it, this is basically a reimagining on Katarina's current lore, I just thought it could have been way better :P._

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