[AMA] Hi, i'm ChuffeR, the support for OPL team Dire Wolves!

_Hi Guys,_ **EDIT: i had a lot of fun answering all your questions but i think thats enough for this AMA, if you are actualyl still curious about anything you can always pop a private message to my twitter or facebook :) https://twitter.com/ChuffeRlol https://www.facebook.com/ChuffeRlol** For the next few hours, i'll be answering any questions (within my capability and knowledge) you have for anything related to me, my team, league itself or the OPL. For those who don't know much about me or Dire Wolves, here is a quick summary: I'm 19. I've been playing games from an early age in my current life and probably all my previous lives. I started off with the Age of Empire's franchise and soon moved onto warcraft 3. From warcraft 3 (the actual RTS) i moved onto the custom games available on battle.net and eventually got stuck into DotA and more importantly, sheep tag. My friends slowly coerced me to play league of legends because i was the best juggernaut in my school but i was really timid at first (mainly due to the fact that league of legends had no juggernaut and i would be exposed as a fraud to my schoolmates). I eventually did start playing league of legends and between the normal games (where i showcased my unparalleled Vladimir skills to my schoolmates) i would hop onto a smurf and practice really hard to maintain my pro-but-havent-played-much image. A few decades later, after playing for mythical teams (Such as Your Soul Shall Chuffer which won a few go4lol's (the most prestigious tournament at that time)), Jish approached me and asked if i wanted to play for Dire Wolves as their current ADC, (king) was too young. The team had the right balance between good players and udyr mains and i decided to leave a team i was sort've playing for to pursue Dire Wolves. Dire wolves had a roster of charlie101, Sharp, Magzilla, Rippii(udyr) and we managed to qualify for the winter regionals via ACL after having a very close match with the veritas-nada fuelled AV. At that time i was the ADC for Dire Wolves, having changed from middle lane from YSSC and towards the first split of OPL i made the transition into support with king returning as our ADC. There is alot i probably missed with that brief brief description of my career so feel free to ask me about anything in particular!

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