The Oceanic Open Ladder returns for 2017! Hey there Summoners! Rusty here once again with an update on the state of the Oceanic Open Ladder (OOL)! For those of you reading for the first time, the OOL is the semi-pro ladder for teams looking to qualify for the Oceanic Challenger Series and one day shoot for qualification into the Oceanic Pro League. Below you can find how to join the first split of OOL action in 2017. _The first split of the Oceanic Open Ladder (OOL) kicks off with a two day tournament beginning Saturday, Feb 4th. These tournaments will continue to run fortnightly, seeing a total of four tournaments throughout the OOL, followed by a fifth playoff week to crown the victors. Winners will get their shot at making it into the Challenger League (OCS) and, as such, eventually the Oceanic Pro League (OPL)._ Last split we saw one of our top teams, XeRo Empire (now Team Regicide), automatically qualify into the Oceanic Challenger Series to compete for their shot at the OPL. The breeding grounds of the OOL saw 74 unique teams competing throughout, with 42 of those competing in multiple weeks, consecutively or otherwise. Anyone can enter the OOL, but competitive teams will gain a natural edge if they play consistently, as this will result in a potentially higher placement at the end of the tournament. **How can I sign up?** Your Path to Pro can be found on Battlefy here! All of the weeks are available now for sign-up! **What is the schedule?** Week 1 Tournament (February 4 ~ February 5) Week 2 Tournament (February 18 ~ February 19) Week 3 Tournament (March 4 ~ March 5) Week 4 Tournament (March 18 ~ March 19) Week 5 Playoff Tournament (April 1) Dates are also available on our Leagues Page, or our OOL Battlefy website (Where you also sign up) **Is there Prizing?** Prizes shown are per player: 1st – 3200 RP + Triumphant Ryze 2nd – 2800 RP 3rd – 2100 RP 4th – 1100 RP 5th-8th – 800 RP 9th-16th – 500 RP **How do I qualify to the OCS?** By accruing points! Points earned directly correlate to where you place at the end of the two day tournament. These tournaments stack up to an end placement where we invite the top teams to fight for their spot in the OCS. **Preliminaries (Day 1) Points** 1st – 20 points 2nd – 15 points 3rd – 10 points 4th – 5 points 5th – 0 points **Playoffs (Day 2) Points** 1st Place – 90 points 2nd Place – 60 points 3rd Place – 40 points 4th Place – 30 points 5 ~ 8th Place – 20 points 9th ~ 16th Place – 10 points 17th ~ 32nd Place – 5 points For those who need to find the rules for competing within the OOL, they can be found here! [Click me!]( Further details or confirmation on dates, prizes and structure, can be found on our league page below! [Here!]( If that doesn’t quite cut it, the Battlefy website once again has all of your needs fulfilled Thanks a bunch and best of luck on the Rift! I’ll be around alongside Zeforus one of the tournament admins to answer as many questions as possible up until the events start! Cheers, Rusty.
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