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Latest News This Split Riot Games has launched a new series of awards to recognise players in ways other than their win/loss record in games. Categories include: Play of the Split Upset of the Split Most Improved Player of the Split Sixth Man of the Split Rookie of the Split Most Valuable Player It is with great [...]
Hey Guys, We are Legacy eSports and we are here to answer your questions about OPL, eSports in general and especially about our Grand Final appearance this Saturday at Luna Park! We have been the international wildcard representative in 2014, and this split we went 10-4, an improvement on the previous split. We recently defeated Dire Wolves 3-1 in the Semi-Final and we are excited to continue our wins to get ourselves tickets to Turkey! This game at Luna Park has a lot of assumptions and history, but we see this as an opportunity to establish OCE on the world stage, as the best teams sharpen each other, to help them bring their best against the rest of the world. Legacy eSports is: Top: An 'Minkywhale' Trinh - @MinkywhaleLoL Jungle: Tim 'Carbon' Wendel - @OCECarbon Mid: Aaron 'ChuChuZ' Bland - @ChuChuZs AD Carry: James 'WallyThacka' Shute - @Tallywhacka Support: Curtis 'flyingJoo' Schembri - @flyingjooo Subs: Brandon 'Claire' Nguyen Elliot 'Impaired' Capell Zachary 'Pacman' Bayne Coach: Aaron 'Gallex' Asher / Nathan 'Maxxy' Maxwell We will be around to answer questions for most of the evening, so keep 'em coming!
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