Sydney Bootcamp Episode 2 | Routine

Sydney Bootcamp Episode 2 | Routine
Day 2 of the Emprox Sydney bootcamp as the player settle in for the practice that is to come! The Oceanic Challenger Series Team looks to solidify their training to prepare for the upcoming weeks. Check us out on: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Discord:
Catch the behind the scenes action for the day 1 of training for the Oceanic Challenger Series Bootcamp. The team spent their time bonding and practicing together and looking at how each other thinks when it comes to the game itself. It was an experience like no other for the players as it proves vital for the correct motivation and understanding needed to push the team for the upcoming weeks. If your interested in following our journey be sure to check us out on Social media where we will be posting more episodes of the Bootcamp in the coming weeks.

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