How Samsung Galaxy won Worlds but not SKT

Not being mean but... Whats the reason to watch Worlds if your gonna see one team win every single year? For me, it is seeing other teams improve and climb higher and make achievements, while also giving us *good* gameplay and suprises other people that these teams such as RNG have potential to be World Champion but got *Swepted* by SKT For example: RNG made it to Semis Fnatic made it to Semis *TSM and G2 still in Group Stage* SSG winning Worlds is something that i actually enjoyed seeing as they beat the *rusty* king SKT T1 Faker. It's like people usually say in video games - 'People will strive to be the best, but to do that, they must dethrone the king by putting a lot of skill, dedication and honor. SSG won because of these factors: Skill because they practice a lot Dedication because Crown wanted to have a rematch and take the title of World Champion Honor because the crowd and people see what SSG dedication to win World's On the other hand, SKT lost because of some factors 1- They were kings for too long already, this comes in play because they thought they were the very best and have no more obstacle to overcome. 2- People's expectations and cheering started to fall as people keep seeing SKT being World Champion 3- SKT wants to become World Champion *again* without much dedication as they just want to maintain their title. Samsung on the other hand, only became World Champion once and got dethroned, this would push them further to their limits as years pass by and now they have succeeded. Let's hope to see other team's make it into Knockout Stage next season's Worlds 2018 and see if any teams would dethrone the now and new king Samsung Galaxy. *Rusty Faker*
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