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To start off with my experience so you understand my POV, I've started to play at the start of 2016 (I tryed 2015 but I wasn't into it back then.) I'm now Sliver 3-2 at this moment but that doesn't matter. I want to talk about the topic of the esport around OCE. I've been reading a lot of OCE boards lately but correct me if I'm wrong as I'm quite a young person talking about this. I enjoy OPL. I like it but its not exciting at all. Their isn't anyone making 'plays' lately. Our region low elo wise, I think in my opinion is a lot better compare to NA/EUW. But the small player base makes the top level kinda bad when we can't learn from other region because of our location and ping. I'm very surprise that not much events happen in OCE at all (or that I don't hear about) so I feel riot should have a list of tournament for OCE that they could start up. I think this would make the community a lot more competitive and have some region guest as part to increase our knowledge of the game from a different region play style that we can take. In my opinion, OCE could be a really good competitive region. Sure our player base is VERY small but this also has it advantage. I haven't seen anyone talk about how fast our region game play CAN change. What I mean by this is that when a new meta is being played IN OCE by the top players, they can spread the game play and knowledge down the ladder faster as our MMR is kinda stretch so it reaches lower elo making the game have a better sense of the meta faster. I'm pretty sure this plan is bad but I'm just putting my voice out. One day, I hope OCE can do well in the wildcard rounds. (Until then, I'm just gonna grind out my games to get as good as I can in the game as I LOVE it.) ( I heard a thread about Tainted Minds but I don't want talk of that as I care about rioters feeling (I have no idea whats going on with the story) (Side track not with esport so you can skip this if you want) I haven't had much flamer or trollers. I RARELY get them which I enjoy. (I don't want this post to feel like I'm attacking riot so I'm gonna give them happy vibes to make their day) TL;DR I started early 2016 and sliver 2. This is my POV heading into this I'm young so I will have lots of mistakes. I kinda wanna revamp this topic Its a boring region (High elo wise) Low elo is acutally pretty good compare to other region We can't get good I think because of Location and Ping We could be a good region (idk, this is my opinion) Meta spreads easily towards lower elo faster (Because lower player base) as so few people have good MMR Good job with making our games enjoyable (To make Riot Happy and this post isn't about hating them) !Ideas! Make a tournament list yourself riot to make the player base play more Bring over other teams from other region as guest players in our rank/tournament Thats about it. Hope you enjoy this topic. I kinda just made this to revist to what seems to be dead topic in terms of acutally talking about it. By your fellow Sliver player, Iliketurtle (Please ask me what I have done wrong and what I can change and edit about it.) (You can also post your opinion down in the chat as I would love to hear other people opinions) (I'll add people comments I think is worthy with problems/idea/solution) (If any Rioters are reading this, I'm not hating. I'm just pointing some stuff out and to telling you my opinions and others in the chat) (Also, Hi :D) Added Input in Comment By LaKIGR : Half the problem is riot doesn't really give 2 shots about oce and the other half is our pro plays still have to work and study they don't earn anything for play, out side tournament prizes. Unlike in other regions like NA or LCK where they can scrim all day everyday (One week after the original post) (I want the comment section to be about the topic, plus don't flame Riot. Ok you can flame them but just do it respectfully plz.) I've been reading the comment section down below for a while now. This is what I'm seeing right now. Rioter belquin (OCE), has said it will take time for OPL to kick off. (I understand as OPL is kinda new) The ability not able to scrim because of Geography problems $500 per match week of the OPL (which is 20 weeks a year) plus any prize money, sponsorships or top ups that the team provides+ teams provide gaming houses (My input. I haven't heard of OCS, OOL, or Throwdown/Showdown tournament. Maybe you could try to promote it like you did to MSI. Rip Dire Wolf. You'll get them next time. Also whats is this sever skin about? Never heard of it. I don't know if you would call me being passionate about this. I just find this topic fun to read :D) SummonersSociety input from comment : Things that can help improve the scene -Tournaments for members to play in, hopefully find new talent -Supporting OCS/OPL (Viewing parties/watching it!) -Buying icons -Getting your friends into league of legends. -Share the events with family and friends https://www.summoners-society.com/tournaments-places-to-find-them/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/SummonersSocietyOCE/ If you guys like me to keep updating this, please type your input into the comment section and if I think its good, I'll add it into the post. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} (Tournament I've Found) https://events.oce.leagueoflegends.com/events/254889 (SumSoc May Sign up as Solo/Duo Tournament (5v5) (NEW FORMAT) https://events.oce.leagueoflegends.com/events/251864 (Online OCE WLC Open Tournament) https://events.oce.leagueoflegends.com/events/247289 (Mighty Ape League of Legends Online League 1.0) (Battlefy does not do OCE region so it might not be the best website to go and find a tournament)
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