Dire Wolves scrimming in Korea

It's really good practice for the regular OPL season that is just around the corner. Was quite surprising last night though, in one game where King and Destiny's team (they were duoing) were winning something like 30 kills to 20, and then they started losing badly, King suddenly exclaimed "how are we losing?". The level of understanding in strategy between KR and OCE is phenomenal. They mainly lost due to King constantly getting caught as Jhin (didn't use blue trinket for 3 minutes), and the fact that they were doing silly chases while all the time being outscaled and never having wave control in the side lanes. They felt it hard when catching the enemy Jinx out of position a couple of times and still not being able to use the numerical advantage, because of no pressure/wave control. On the whole their mechanics are awesome (playing at low KR diamond level at the moment). Destiny was constantly hitting hooks with thresh and k1ng scored a pentakill the other day. But there's also so many facets of war strategy that top OCE teams just are clueless about. Let's hope they learn a lot in 3 weeks and take it to the Chiefs next split. http://www.op.gg/summoner/userName=lgdwk1ngv http://www.op.gg/summoner/userName=lgdwdestiny
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