Ask Me Anything - OPL Casting Team

Hey All, Welcome to the weekly AMA's - today hitting the boards we have our resident OPL casting team: **Jake "Spawn" Tiberi **- Our resident colour caster of the oceanic casting team and starring in the following short video (credit 528, top laner for X5): He also bench presses the most. You can find him posting selfies on the following platforms: > **Twitter:** > **Snapchat:** Spawnde > **Twitch:** **Matthew "Fish" Stewart** - Our hyped up play by play caster who has introduced such sayings as 'give him the ol' 1, 2 goodnight' and 'the incy wincy spider'. He's usually modelling or eating kit kat's correctly on the following channels: > **Twitter:** > **Facebook:** > **Instagram:** @Maxzzie > **Snapchat:** Maxzzie **Zack "Rusty" Pye** - A celebrity guest on the desk with a deep history grounded in the OPL. Now he can usually be found wearing a suit jacket, thongs and shorts on the LPL English broadcast. He generally posts useless facts such as 'Did you know? Scuba divers roll backwards out of boats because if they rolled forward they would just go into the boat' on the following: > **Twitter: ** > **Facebook:** > **Snapchat:** ZackThePye > **Instagram:** @RustyTheCaster **Nathan "Mendrix" Mendez** - our regular in house analyst and former OCS colour caster. He's the one in the very sharp suit. He can be found posting League of Legends facts and stats on the following: > **Twitter:** Ask them anything. They will be active from 6-7pm, but load your questions up early so they have plenty to talk about (they're quite good at that!)
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