Chiefs eSports Club Q&A

Hi, we are the Chiefs eSports Club and we are one of the premier League of Legends teams in Oceania. We have strived to achieve excellence in eSports, focusing on consistent strong performances and maintaining dominance over the Oceanic scene. Our achievements include finishing 1st in the first Oceania Pro League earlier this year, and subsequently proceeded to represent Oceania in the International Wild Cards in Istanbul, Turkey. In Split 2, we dominated through the round robin stage with a strong 14-0 finish, managing to 3-0 Avant Garde in the semifinals. Our next challenge is facing Legacy at Luna Park, and we look forward to an exciting finale as well as meeting you guys at the event! The following team members will be answering your questions: Top: Chief Swip3rR Jungle: Chief Spookz Mid: Chief Swiffer ADC: Chief Raydere Support: Chief EGym Coach: Chief Jish Twitter handles: [@Swip3rR]( [@Chief_Spookz]( [@ChiefSwiffer]( [@RaydereOfficial]( [@EGymLoL]( [@JishLoL]( [@ChiefsESC]( Facebook: [The Chiefs]( Website: [The Chiefs](
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