Game of the Week - OPL Week 2

Hey All, Spàwn here with a new weekly boards post we are titling *Game of the Week*. Every week, on Friday, a shout caster will jump on the boards and discuss what we think will be an awesome game to check out. We would love to hear your opinion and predictions on who you think will come out ahead, as well as any other thoughts you have on the games. As always please be respectful of each others opinions and feel free to ask any questions below. So without further adieu the *Game of the Week* for week 2 is...... **Chiefs ESC vs Legacy Esports** Time: Thursday Game 2 (~7pm AEST) Since Winter, when Legacy were able to de-throne the Chiefs dominant run of 2014, there has been a great rivalry between these two teams. Couple that with the off-season acquisition of Support Egym from Legacy to the Chiefs this game promises to be awesome to watch. Chiefs have appeared to struggle in the early game this season but have team fought beautifully. After a slow start, from both Swip3r and Swiffer, they were able to turn Thursday's games again Av in a second after a beautiful Spookz Egym initiation. With the new support player Chiefs look as cohesive as we have seen them. Legacy on the other hand have shown an early game dominants in both games. Minkywhale was able get Hecarim against last seasons finalists and punished Sharp in the toplane. Carbon is returning to 2014 form and Chu Chuz and Tally have always impressed. However we are yet to see how there late game shot calling performs without Egym. This game promises to be a huge clash of styles and I think will be entertaining as heck. What do you all think?
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