League of Legends Competition Ruling - 'Rich Stah paws'

**League of Legends Competition Ruling ** **Player:** ‘Paws’ aka ‘Rich Stah paws’ **Region:** Oceania **Date of Ruling: **January 30th 2015 **Subject: **Violation of Riot's Terms of Service, Violation of Oceanic Challenger Series Ruleset **Facts** In January 2014 we issued bans to several players that were involved in ELO Boosting. Paws was one of these players that was punished at this time. During the round of bans in January 2014 we specified and communicated to the banned players that if any player continued to boost accounts, they would receive a permanent ban. Recently Paws received a permanent ban on his account due to continued ELO Boosting. **Relevant Rules** The Oceanic Challenger Series ruleset specifies: *8.2.7 Player Behavior Investigation If Riot determines that a Team Member has violated the Summoner’s Code, the LoL Terms of Service, or other rules of LoL, Riot officials may assign penalties at their sole discretion.* **Analysis** Paws continued to violate the Summoner’s Code despite being punished for it previously. **Ruling** Paws has violated the Summoner’s code and will subject to punishment. **Competition Penalties** Paws has been suspended indefinitely from all Oceanic Tournaments and his League of Legends Account will be permanently Suspended. **Commentary** After speaking to his team, Rich Gang, it is clear they had no idea that Paws’s main account had been banned. Paws had been playing on his alt and the team had no reason to doubt that it was simply his main. We do not want to punish the other members of the team that have worked hard to qualify for the Oceanic Pro League for the mistake of one player. Locally, we are going to look at ways of improving our identification of ineligible players so that this situation is identified earlier.
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