Abyss eSports Club AMA

Hello OPL Fans! With the recent initiative by the eSports team at Riot, OPL teams and eSports talent will be hosting an AMA (Ask Us Anything) each Friday at 6pm AEDT. This is the second AMA for the series after the eSports team hosted their own AMA last week which you can check out [here](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/esports/P2aLfRtk-ask-us-anything-oceanic-esports-team) For those who don’t know us, we are Abyss eSports Club, one of the teams competing in the Oceanic Professional League after being promoted from the Challenger Series at the end of Split 1 in 2016. Today we will be joined by the following members: **Zach ‘Pacman’ Bayne:** Pacman is the Top Laner for Abyss and has traveled from New Zealand to join the rest of the team in the Sydney Gaming house. After being knocked out of the OPL by Abyss, he was quick to join the team in Split 2 of 2016, where he went on to win the ‘Most Improved Player’ award. **Seb ‘Seb’ De Ceglie:** Seb is not only the shot caller and team captain but he is also the backbone of the team. With extensive game knowledge and mechanical ability, Seb has proven himself to be a top tier jungler with his performances in Split 1 and 2 of the OPL in 2016. **Leon ‘Frae’ Lee:** Frae is one of the two newest members of the 2017 line up. Previously playing as an Ad Carry for Hellions, Frae has now returned to his primary role as a mid laner and will be looking to prove himself as one of the best mid lane players in the region. **Julian ‘Raid’ Skordos: **As one of the strongest mechanical players on the team, Julian is the Ad Carry for the team. Constantly trying to improve himself, Julian will be looking to take his gameplay to a whole new level in 2017. Make sure you keep an eye on him, as he is still yet to reach his maximum potential. **Mike ‘Cuden’ Le:** Our second newest member, Mike is joining the team as our Support player for 2017. Previously playing for both Legacy and Dire Wolves, Mike has brought extensive game player knowledge to the team and has proved to be an invaluable asset. **Nick ‘Coach General’ McKenzie:** Nick at the ripe old age of 17 is the Head Coach of the team. After a proven career in the OCS and being on the Abyss eSports Club roster that was promoted in 2016, Nick looked to focus his skillset as a coach and is really determined to prove himself to the rest of the region after quickly earning the respect of his team. We will be answering questions from **6pm AEDT – 7pm AEDT** but feel free to post your questions before hand and we will do our best to answer them. Don’t forget to check out the in game store as the 2017 Team Icons have just gone on sale. Currently at a cheap price of 187 RP each, you can pick up any of the 8 OPL team’s icons to help support your favorite team.
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