Did Tainted Minds Break the Law?

Did Tainted Minds Break the Law?
This video is a response to the highly publicized Tainted Minds fiasco that first hit Reddit earlier this year. I'll be talking about the various laws the organization broke, Riot's poor response to the situation, and the path the players could have followed outside of Riot in order to (hopefully) hold Tainted Minds legally accountable.
While the main linked video is what started this thread, this will be dedicated to categorizing developments as they occur. They will be sorted by date, but dates may not be available. [Enter, Max Melit](https://medium.com/@maxmelit/why-the-full-story-matters-tainted-minds-controversy-8c3bbc377a90) An article comes out telling a different side of the story, pointing out some flaws and inconsistencies in Fasffy's statements, but making a lot of negative assumptions, and having inconsistencies itself. [Twitter Exchanges erupt](https://twitter.com/Fasffy/status/877355352592744449) Fasffy got screwed over again it seems, even after she expressed concerns of having her words manipulated and turned against her, and they were. [Max defending himself](http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1spvh1r) Max responds to Fasffy's accusations of bias, and leaks private messages exchanged between the two. [I couldn't agree more](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KwWtcCKjNFSCeS7LlrOkDLYu_t9nkneXIZrPZhNqjwM/preview) Fasffy comes out with a full retaliation to Max's claims, pointing out just how inconsistent and flawed the "Journalism" was.
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