This is something that really should be talked about

ok so. seen this pop up on Reddit and there has been some talk about it. not everyone goes to Reddit and I also noticed its not on the boards so I thought I would post, and see what peoples thoughts were on the topic. I'm going to quote what I said on Reddit. > All memes, and trash talk aside > 4k for that is bullshit. We have no funding in OCE. > The amount of money to even do these bootcamps is huge for OCE orgs. and (correct me if I'm wrong) get practically no help from RIOT. > OCE gets fuck all in terms of competitive drive and sources of development. yet punished when they are proactive and seek it. > Those bootcamps bring so much back to the OCE Region. the knowledge, habits and mentality they learn actually trickles down the ladder. > While I understand account sharing isn't a good thing to do. I feel like we just don't have recourses in OCE. When you compare us to other wildcard regions we have close to no support or ability to increase our skillcap. Some wildcard teams play on EUW and can scrim pro and challenger teams. _(likkrit and other star players from multiple regions have stated this and the fact OCE is STUCK! in AMA's)_ Others scrim on NA and have options there. the rest can scrim on china that leaves japan, India and OCE. japan server I'm told is very competitive and driven. games are very serious past gold 2. India isn't really started yet, however it will have access to Chinese teams which will allow Indian teams to catch up to other regions quite quickly **OCE has nothing. We have no international events in our region, we don't have teams visit our region. and we have a very small player base.** Do I believe the fine is fair? **No I don't.** Do I believe the bans are fair? **Yes I do, but only just.** Edit: Sorry about the spelling and grammer. I'm doing this from a phone and i'm very tired.
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