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Hey Esports Fans, We're kicking the first AMA off with local Rioters, giving you the chance to ask anything at all about the coming season, becoming a pro, or simply “how to esport”. You’ll be chatting with: Jake "Spawn" Tiberi: The go-to Colour Commentator (analyst) for the OPL in 2017, Spawn heads the shoutcasting team in the Oceanic Office. You may remember him as: That guy from Worlds Laura "Loathey" Bell: Our Oceanic Esports Coordinator, Loathey organises teams on game days and deals with the nitty gritty administrative stuff. You won’t remember her as: The silent ninja behind the scenes. Chris "Belquin" Schubert: Fan Engagement and Team Development Strategist, yeah, that's a mouthful. Belquin is constantly working on cool ways for you guys to engage with your favourite team or player, as well as making League of Legends a legitimate career path in OCE. You may remember him as: The man with a really long title. Zack "Rusty" Pye: One of the Colour Commentators for the LPL and a special guest analyst for the OPL in 2017. He also runs the Oceanic Open Ladder (OOL) for aspiring players just beginning their esports journey. You may remember him as: The walking, talking player encyclopaedia. / The guy no one wants to play League against. Daniel "Stupendous" Ringland: The captain of the ship, Stupendous oversees Oceania's esports crew. He ensues they deliver, well, esports to you guys. You may remember him as: Oh Captain, our captain. Matthew "Fish" Stewart: The Play By Play Shoutcaster for the OPL in 2017, Fish controls all social media channels for the OPL and has a great smile. You may remember him as: Very “handsome” (it’s relative). Ask Us Anything!? Please be nice.
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