Oceanic Open Ladder Returns for Split 2!

http://i.imgur.com/vk92fTo.jpg Greetings Summoners! Your neighborhood friendly Villain is proud to announce the details for Split 2 of the Oceanic Open Ladder (OOL) for 2017! OOL is the start of any Oceanic player’s path to pro, it’s an amateur ladder for teams looking to qualify for the Oceanic Challenger Series (OCS) and then eventually join the ranks of the Oceanic Pro League (OPL). Below you can find details on how to join the second split of OOL for 2017. The second split of the OOL begins on the weekend of July 1st where tournaments will continue to be played fortnightly for a total of four tournaments spanning over 8 weeks. The final week will be the playoffs where the top 2 teams of that tournament will be invited to play in OCS promotion tournament and ultimately a spot in the OPL. Earlier this year we saw an average of 57 teams playing each weekend throughout the split. It is the training grounds for which teams can hone their expertise in a competitive environment as well as gain invaluable experience for the future. Anyone can enter the OOL, and not every team will have to compete every week. However, competitive teams will gain a natural edge if they play every week consistently for maximum amount of circuit points to make playoffs. **How can I sign up?** Your Path to Pro can be found on Battlefy here! https://battlefy.com/riot-games-oceanic-open-ladder Teams are capped to the first 160 registrations so grab your team and sign up for the tournaments now! **What is the schedule?** Week 1 Tournament (July 1 ~ July 2) Week 2 Tournament (July 15 ~ July 16) Week 3 Tournament (July 29 ~ July 30) Week 4 Tournament (August 12 ~ August 13) Week 5 Playoff Tournament (August 26 ~ August 27) Dates are also available on our Leagues Page, or our OOL Battlefy website (Where you also sign up) **Is there Prizing?** Prizes shown are per player: 1st – 3200 RP + Triumphant Ryze 2nd – 2800 RP 3rd – 2100 RP 4th – 1100 RP 5th-8th – 800 RP 9th-16th – 500 RP **How do I qualify to the OCS?** In the simplest terms by gaining circuit points! Each week your team plays in OOL they’ll grab the chance to earn points to qualify for end of split playoffs and then for a spot in the OCS. The more tournaments you play in the more points your team stands to win; note that although only the top 2 teams of each group from day 1 preliminaries will move onto day 2 playoffs, every point counts so every game matters! After the four weeks the top 8 teams with the most circuit points earned throughout the split will play in the playoffs and the top 2 will play in the OCS promotion tournament. **Preliminaries (Day 1) Points** 1st – 20 points 2nd – 15 points 3rd – 10 points 4th – 5 points 5th – 0 points **Playoffs (Day 2) Points** 1st Place – 90 points 2nd Place – 60 points 3rd Place – 40 points 4th Place – 30 points 5 ~ 8th Place – 20 points 9th ~ 16th Place – 10 points 17th ~ 32nd Place – 5 points For those who need to find the rules for competing within the OOL, they can be found [here](http://bit.ly/2sC116S)! If that doesn’t quite cut it, the Battlefy website once again has all of your needs fulfilled https://battlefy.com/riot-games-oceanic-open-ladder You can find the current standings for circuit points here! http://bit.ly/2tBV9cq We’re excited to see this split of the OOL kick off and both old and new summoners returning to the rift! Best of luck! Both Toasties and Zeforus; the tournament admins will answer as many questions as possible up until the events start, so feel free to fire away! Contact them through the discord group! Cheers, iVillain
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