[AMA] Heyy, I'm Andrew "Rosey" Rose, Top laner for SIN

Hello world, Starting from 5pm AEDT, I'll be answering all your questions related to whatever you ask. For those who dont know me ill say a bit about myself, I've been playing league competitively for about 4+ years now back when LoLA was pretty much the only community for OCE players on NA. I've played for quite a few teams, most notably for Immunity/Chiefs as support for the last 2 years before making my move to top lane for SIN at the start of the 2nd split. We've had a bit of a disappointing split but look to change that for future events/tournaments. I've played in 3 international events, those being 2013 Wildcards in Germany, 2013 WCG in China and most recently the IWCI in Turkey, all of these are a big highlight in my life. Having the opportunity of playing with friends and representing your country/region in a game that you enjoy playing was kind of a childhood dream that came true. Before league, I loved playing football (AFL) and played it for about 7 years until gaming took over. I'm currently studying a Diploma of Information Technology and hoping to eventually get a job with a gaming company like riot (hopefully Riot!) because the amount of effort they put in behind the scenes to make sure everything is working is amazing and I'd love to work with everyone there. You can support me and my team on twitter @SinRosey @SinOceania. Thank you all for your time!!
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