Hi, i'm Bradley 'tgun' Seymour, Support for Team Immunity - AMA

Hi everybody, Starting from 6pm I'll be answering any questions posted in here - team related, league related or not, so fire away. For those who don't know of me, here's a brief history of my journey through esports: I've been gaming competetively since 2011 (although I had experience in Counter-Strike 1.6, I never attended any big lans) playing Starcraft II. I've been to America, Korea and all over Australia both representing my teams at the time (FXO, itsGoSu and Team Immunity) and Australia. When I quit playing SC2, within three months I was Challenger ELO on the OCE server, having previously been Diamond on the NA server. Competetively, I believe I have the most experience out of any OPL player in high-pressure and/or LAN situations. As far as LoL competitive experience goes, I played in a few teams before landing in my current team (used to be Dig.AU, Ex-D and now Team Immunity), which played through multiple previous Oceanic tournaments (most recently, losing at EB Expo.. that sucked). Our second split hasn't exactly started off with the bang that we hoped, but we're rebuilding right now and are still holding out hope for a top 4 finish so we can show everyone what we're made of in the semi's, finals and next split! I'll try to answer every question posted here (within reason) and will be checking back on the thread every hour (roughly, between games) for new questions. Fire away! If you'd like to, you can support me directly by following me at: [@im_tgun](https://twitter.com/iM_tgun) on Twitter [tguntv](http://twitch.tv/tguntv) on twitch If you'd like to support Team Immunity, you can follow them at: [@teamimmunity](https://twitter.com/TeamImmunity) on Twitter [Team Immunity](https://www.facebook.com/TeamImmunity?fref=ts) on Facebook
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