when to buy a ward

when not to buy a ward >when you are within 75g of your next item, do not buy a red ward, you will get more gold worth by the time you buy the next item after the original one you were within range of example, your next item is a long sword and you have 300gold, do not buy the ward, by the time you buy this sword +1 more item, you will have more gold then the ward would produce in value >when you are within 2 wards of the next item, the choice is yours, it is a 50-50 coin flip, and equal worth example, you are at 200gold, and longsword is your next item (at 350), you can either buy the ward or not, it is the same worth of value >when you are more then 2 wards away from next item, always buy a ward, any position on map note nothing is obviously an absolute in rts example you might have some unnatural gold rates eg funnelling strategies pyke & cull & relic shield strategies, klepto etc >eg you are laning with a pyke who has relic shield and you have cull, shield stacks cull for you as well so you are boosted at an accelerated gold rate, thus the numbers will contract, and you may not want a ward at any gold, you might also be ez with klepto and triumph, this is the fastest adc gold rate in game, and you should buy a zeal item with your excess gold, either pd to hedge or a kirschis shard, ez is not a caster, it is an adc, and all other moba understand this, and league relatively is extremely low mmr to other mobas and this is just one example. ez needs a zeal item, and the perfect setup is this for it. rapid fire cannon synergises perfectly to its entire kit. ez is an adc. adc's need autos. if u look at where ur damage comes from, its majority aa side note, static shiv is best for higher skill tier cap players, as you get burst, more farm-> turnover for strategy, and range on bounce, more magic damage/hybrid output, and its just a more nasty item in general. korean style teams might opt rfc over ss though, however white teams are better suited to ss. not that anyone actually white plays this game, soyboys dont count. u have trannnys and shit on ur broardcast team. ur disgusting and societally degenerate, an enemy of civilisation. you use mental illness and placate to decay anosognosiadly or not, one of ur mods is about to get blacklisted for touching this post too, enjoy ur fate from an elite gamer, ur product is viewed as the joke cesspool of the lowest of the low, regardless ur appeal to majority, unweighted, egalitarian and schizophrenic as such. lmfao so here, have this strategy free, on the house house. for a bot lane also, if you are within a double back of the next item, wait. a double back is back to fountain then teleport on fountain to fountain again to hit gold threshold for item, anything much longer then that, buy a blade instead of sword or just go etc, buy a ward if u want, see above guide to such also, wards need to be 50gp and 2 health or invis wards need to be reintroduced to game likewise sword of the occult must come back or take mejais out also mana potions must be reintroduced or take out health potions ur killing ur game by having orientated the item meta to health based mages like literally insane oh yeah your vlad rework was also garbage the irony so bad you rely on aposteriori data from a userbase you dont realise is weightedly in the bottom bottom BOTTOM percentile of skill and potential in terms of human worth and attraction of a player base. intelligent people dont play this game. its that simple. im the only one ur game is not in the same classification of esports, u dont deserve the paper money you think you hold or have. you know nothing about economics or geopolitics or your right to life. you are a retard containment board. i a retard wrangler. cs is an esport sf is an esport mk is an esport sc is an esport aoe is an esport dow is an esport a THIRD iteration custom scenario STOLEN from blizzard content and ported as a stand alone product (The worst variant of them all) from a real time strategy game that came out over 13 years ago is not a real game. you are human garbage, waste, filth. you are a bloated exacerbated microcosm of cancer that is unrequired like others of such in this world in other fields. you also stole money personally from me, quite a lot, quite a heinous and serious offence. not even mentioning your illegal data mining, a threat to international security. a terrorist organisation enabling likewise such, a serious data security breach, i only here in containment of something worse being dealt with thus temporary requirement. your product is illegal and you will suffer the fate of Justice and be removed from History as dictated by both of such bye
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