#WeAreChiefs AMA

Hello, #IAMOPL! We are the Chiefs, and we will be your International Wildcard Qualifier representatives for 2016. As a team, this is our fourth consecutive OPL championship, and we could not be more honoured to represent our region in Brazil with a shot at going to the World Championships later this year. We are: Brandon ‘[Swip3rR](http://twitter.com/swip3rr)’ Holland — Top Samuel ‘[Spookz](https://twitter.com/Chief_Spookz)’ Broadley — Jungle Simon ‘[Swiffer](http://twitter.com/chiefswiffer)’ Papamarkos — Mid Quin ‘[Raes](http://twitter.com/chiefraes)’ Korebrits — ADC Bryce ‘[EGym](http://twitter.com/egymlol)’ Paule — Support We’re here to answer (almost!) any questions you have about our time as a team, our OPL split, our victory in Brisbane — or anything in between. You can keep up with the team on [Facebook ](https://www.facebook.com/ChiefsESC) and [Twitter](http://twitter.com/chiefsesc), and follow our journey to Brazil and beyond!

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