Emprox Talent Prospects for 2019

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As a brand, we have been in the League of Legends scene for two years now. We have fielded some crazy underdog rosters that have gone to do really well against the best teams. 2 years in a row we have finished 5th overall in a season. In preparation for our next season for Oceanic Challenger Series, we will be looking at talent from Challenger all the way to Diamond 3. It takes more than just being a really good solo queue player to be a pro player. Pro players have unique teamwork and understanding of growth and have their very own work ethics that really shines through. We do have some incredible plans coming in 2019 so if you really would like to pursue esports and can really show how hard you work and work well in a team environment and understand the need to develop oneself as an individual. We are looking to hear from you. Join our discord to stay in touch. [Discord](https://discord.gg/FWHyjHC)

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