AMA Legacy Esports! 6-7PM AEST!

Helloooo Gamers!! We're **Legacy Esports** and we are doing an AMA from **6-7PM AEST**. Shoot us any question at any player and we will answer it tonight. **Tally ** (Top Laner) - [Twitter]( / [Twitch]( **Carbon** (Jungler) - [Twitter]( / [Twitch]( **Claire** (Mid Laner) - [Twitter]( / [Twitch]( **Lost** (AD Carry) - [Twitter]( **Cupcake** (Support) - [Twitter]( / [Twitch]( **SoulStrikes** (Coach) - [Twitter]( **Babip** (Sub) - [Twitter]( Join the Legacy family tree! [Official Website]( / [Twitter]( / [Facebook]( Thanks guys! **ASK AWAY!!!!**[/img]
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