I'm Chief Cheese, Midlaner for Chiefs Esports Club, AMA!

Hey guys! {{champion:50}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:50}} Starting at 6 PM AEDT I'll be answering questions from you guys on the boards, I recently had the privilege of joining Chiefs at the beginning of the 2016 season and have been playing with them for the first half of the split. As for questions, I can give a decent insight into the pro scene, what it's like to play professionally and various other topics about high level play. Feel free to ask me anything! Just to give some context into who I am - My name is Daniel and I’m a 22 year old residing in Sydney, I started playing the MOBA genre way back when the extension of Warcraft 3, DOTA Allstars was popular, and have continued on with MOBAs until now. When DOTA eventually died I found myself moving onto Heroes of Newerth and when that also met the same fate, I moved onto League of Legends somewhere around the time Kog’Maw was introduced in Season 1. As a League player, I peaked on NA at around Diamond 2 - 90 LP, and instantly moved to the Oceanic server upon release. Since moving I have retained a Challenger rank every season, and was within the top 10 during the most recent Seasons 4 & 5. My first noteworthy team in Oceania was ‘Your Soul Shall Chuffer’ before moving onto Immunity and achieving a top 4 finish in the beginning of the 2015 season before the organization was banned whilst I was away in America on holiday :(. Upon return I took a few months break, was offered a few trials for teams, attended some events and was eventually given the opportunity to play for Chiefs as their midlane. I accepted the Chiefs offer and have been playing & practicing with the team ever since. If you’d like to support me, follow me & the Chiefs org on twitter: @lQdChEeSe @ChiefsESC Huge thank you to our partners Logitech G, Nvidia, Red Bull and DXRacer! You guys are the bomb. PS Im a filthy swain main {{champion:50}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:50}}
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