We are the Chiefs Esports Club, Ask Us Anything!

Hi guys, Your favourite Esports organisation is here to answer all your Esport, real life and League of Legends related questions! We'll be sticking around for a few hours so be sure to get your answers in ASAP ! Find their social media here; Sam 'Spookz' Broadley http://twitter.com/Chief_spookz Quin 'Raes' Korebrits http://twitter.com/ChiefRaes Simon 'Swiffer' Papamarkos http://twitter.com/ChiefSwiffer Bryce 'EGym' Paule http://twitter.com/egymlol Brandon 'Swip3rR' Holland http://twitter.com/Swip3rR Josh 'Jish' Carr-Hummerston http://twitter.com/coachjish Also follow our social media pages to keep up to date with the team and even more! http://twitter.com/ChiefsESC http://facebook.com/ChiefsESC
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