Oceanic LOL Cup - Have you registered yet?

Oceanic LOL Cup - $500 RP First Prize (Registration Open Now)
Hey guys and girls! Why not grab you and 4 mates and enter the Oceanic LOL Cup! Entry is the $25 per team and you could win $500 RP! Here's what you need to know :D. Details - The Oceanic LoL Cup is a competition being hosted by Oceanic LoL on Facebook.
For only $25 a team (working out to $1 per person per game!) you can get your chance to compete for $500 RP! Each team get's a minimum of 5 B01 games, so there's lot's of chances for your team to pick up some wins Why not get some mates and get registered today! 7 teams registered so far, 17 positions open! Registration closes 30th of April! Send your information to: Oceaniclolcup@gmail.com

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