Want to get involved in eSports in OCE? Here is how you can.

Greetings Summoners, Elam here to give you a bit of insight into how to go about getting involved in eSports in Oceania.

There are many different ways that you can do this and I'm going to go over some of them from a support staff perspective. Support staff is key to any eSports org and it is a very good stepping stone into getting involved along with building some key connections in the community. Now don’t get turned away from ‘support staff’ just because of its name, I myself have worked with various eSports orgs and am currently the Graphic Designer for Legacy eSports a top OPL team having worked with them for over a year now having a ton of fun while doing it.

Me arriving at OPL finals to hang out with Legacy

So let’s start with getting a key understand of what exactly support staff is and what they do in an eSports organisation.


Max Olivo filming TSM Legends (Photo from LoLEsports Flickr)

There are many, many different ways you can be support staff some of the positions include but aren’t limited to; Management, Coach, Analyst, Design, Video Editing, and even Gaming House Cooks!

The goal of these positions in an organisation is to remove stress from the owner because they don’t have to tackle everything at once, while also being able to push out content to their community that follow them helping them grow in the process. Along with this a lot of the time support staff get benefits from working with the team have it be sponsor gear, merch from their store or even go to events that they compete in!

With this understanding of what a support staff member is to an eSports org, let’s move onto how to get these positions/how to apply.


This is something extremely important for getting any kind of job as the team that you want to work for will want to see what you are capable of. Make videos or show off your skills in ways you can present them that will make them want to hire you. Along with show them a way that you are unique from other people that are apply with what skills you can bring to the team to benefit them.

As a few examples, if you wanted to be a coach or analyst for a team, do some vod reviews specifically of the team you are applying to and send it to them with your application. If you wanted to be a video editor for them make a montage of one of their players. Graphic Design? Do something related to design for them such as a twitter header or possibly redesign something they currently have that they will like.

A Twitter Header I made for Tally Legacy eSports Top Laner

The big thing to stress here is make sure at least one thing you are presenting in your show of your skills is tailored specifically towards the team you are sending in the email too. Don’t be afraid that doing this may be a waste in the end because at the same time while you are creating it for an application for a position, you will also be creating a great portfolio piece that you can use in the future to show off your skill.

Having social media such as twitter can be very important as it lets you tag the team or players in the post so that they can see what you have made for them which if it stands out will make them remember you.


With a showreel set up, a good next step is to figure out what teams you may want to work for. ESports teams are always looking for new people to add to their organisation so the first thing that you should do is figure out a list of what teams that you want to work for and go on their website to see if they have a jobs or career section.

In there you will find the things that they have listed of positions that they want to fill. However even if the position you want isn't listed they will often have a business email listed for people wanting to present how they can improve the team with their skills.

It may also be worth following their social media such as twitter or facebook because they will often post there when they are hiring new support staff.


Now before you send in that email which is a very big part of the process one thing that will help out a lot is making connections, interacting with people in the community and making a name for yourself in the right way.

Members of the league of legends community at IWCA 2015 (Photo from LoLEsports Flickr)

A great place to do that is right here on the boards! Show off your craft of choice in the player creations board and make something that people will remember your skills for. Also keep an eye out for content creators making similar things so you can create connections with them, this can lead to cool things such as collaborations or idea generation together. Sometimes this way if you are lucky you can create good connections even with the team you want to work with! If this happens you can possibly skip the email step entirely and just have a casual chat with management.

The way I built my connections when I knew I wanted to work in eSports as a designer was I created a set of stream overlays for some of the players on the team. Then off of that I became decent friends with them and played games with them on league from time to time. From there they told me to apply for a position as a designer through email, which I did and ended up getting the position right after that.

Always be practicing your craft and make sure that you keep your best work up to date. As with league there is always something you can improve on.


By this point you’ve practiced your craft, you’ve hopefully made some connections and you've chosen a team to send in that email to. You could send it to an OPL, OCS, or even OOL team.

Email Example

When sending that email make sure that you include who you are, tell them about yourself and the past work you have done. Tell them about how you think you can improve their team and help them grow as an organisation. Include examples of previous work or that portfolio/show reel we talked about earlier.

Always make sure that you present yourself in a way that helps them grow and removes any risk that may be there for them. Be professional however do include your personality do they can know what it'll be like working with you.

So you've sent in that email what do you do now? Well there are a few things that you can do while you wait for a response. You should keep practicing your craft and building your name. If they see a piece of your work that they are impressed by, then see your name in an email while you are applying it will help you a ton with your first impression.

Now if you get a response quite a few things could happen. You could be told they sadly can't give you a position which is ok, there are tons of teams to work for and opportunities that show up. They could bring you into their Discord or Teamspeak or Skype to have a chat to get to know you better. Or they could give you some work to do as a test of your skills.

If they pull you in to have a chat make sure you are ready to stick to what you said in your email. Be there to help them and present yourself and your skills. Be yourself and be ready to answer questions they may have and have some of your own questions ready for them as well.

Always be looking for opportunities and look out for the perfect place for you to get into the eSports scene. If you get into your dream team congratulation! If you didn't it simply means there might be a different place to make your start in the eSports scene. Don’t be afraid to start with some of the smaller teams and work your way up building experience and a name for yourself.


I hope that this guide helps and let's you get into the ever growing world of eSports. eSports is growing fast in Oceania and if you want to jump on the fastly growing train, now is a great time with the OPL in its mid year break.

If there is any questions I can answer or any ways I can lend a hand let me know I will be more than happy to. Good luck out there and I hope to see you guys in the eSports scene!


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