Emprox: OCS Sydney Bootcamp Episode 1 is out!

Emprox on Twitter
Our League of Legends bootcamp episode is finally out. Massive thanks to @LegendCyberCafe for allowing us to use their facility. Checkout: Sydney Bootcamp Episode 1 ✈️ Watch: https://t.co/DSmPllPhWd https://t.co/jh7aME7zA7
Emprox is the very first Oceanic Challenger Series team to have done a documented Bootcamp with its players. The players were flown into Sydney on 31st June where they took part in a week-long training camp during their mid split break. During this time, the team scrimed against OPL and OCS teams as well as doing some cool activities on the side. The Bootcamp provides a better look at the growing investment made by esports organizations at OPL and OCS level. It also highlighted the marketing opportunities available to outside brands that are considered both endemic and non-endemic sponsor. To catch more episodes and more about Emprox please check out their social links below: [Twitter](https://twitter.com/EmproxGG) [Facebook ](https://www.facebook.com/emproxgg/)

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