A Stone for a Feast

A short story based on Tahm Kench's interaction with Nami in-game Any feedback would be appreciated. ---------------------- https://am-a.akamaihd.net/image?f=https%3A%2F%2Funiverse-comics.leagueoflegends.com%2Fcomics%2Fen_us%2Fnami%2Fintotheabyss%2Fdesktop%2Fnami-01-01.jpg This was it. The shore where the Landwalker was said to be. The one to bring the Moonstone. The last of the suns rays could be seen above the surface of the water as Nami made the accent. "The Pearl for the Moonstone the Elders said. Simple." Nami repeated. Was it really that easy? With her best attempt at composure Nami revealed herself to the shore. The pale light she knew so well lifted her heart. Its silver glow kept the Dark at bay. The Moon smiled upon her. But this feeling only held for a moment before reality began to creep in. There was no Walker, no Moonstone. "You are just early Nami. That's all..." The gentle waves caressed the shore and the Moon continued its journey across the night sky. Heart beating faster, breath becoming shorter Nami was at an impasse. How long before someone would arrive? Was she to wait or leave. To go now would mean no Stone and no Light for her people, but to stay, what if no-one came? How long would she need to wait? So caught up in her own thoughts Nami failed to hear the rustling and footsteps coming from the treeline. "OH! Pardon me," said a deep voice. "I didn't realise this beach was occupied." Apologized the new arrival. Nami had been looking out to sea. She fumbled as she clutched the Pearl to her chest. "I didn't mean to startle you. I was just coming to admire the view." With a hefty thud the new comer sat on the sand. "I..." Nami was lost for words. The details of the Landwalker were vague. "I... Are you the Landwalker?" "I'd consider myself more a River King, but I do partake in my share of land walkin." "You aren't the bringer of the Moonstone?" "Moonstone!?" the Creature exclaimed, "I'd dare say you've got the wrong man. No, I'm just a weary traveler looking for a meal." Nami looked back to sea unsure what to do. "I'd be happy to wait with you if you wanted the company." His words were genuine and kind. "The names Kench," as he tipped his hat "Tahm Kench." "Nami," Her voice was worried. "Well it's a pleasure to meet you Ms Nami." It wasn't till twilight became day when Kench finally broke the silence. "Looks like your friend's a no-show." It was true wasn't it. Nami continued to check the shore for signs of movement. Repeating the directions given to her, none of which included what to do in this situation. "If I may be so bold, but what would a fine young lady like you need a Moonstone for?" "I.. We need it to survive. To keep back the Darkness, but..." This was not right. She had to return. "I have to go. I'm sorry." "I may not be this Landwalker," Tahm called, "But I may know where to find a Moonstone." The legends said the Stone would be brought by 'A' Landwalker, not 'The' Landwalker. Maybe this was right in some way. "You would tell me where it is just like that?" It cant be that simple. "Well, nothing is free." Tahm had lifted himself to his feet and stepped to the waters edge. "Your people do need the Stone don't they?" Nami held the Pearl to offer the trade with an uneasy heart. "I've no need for shiny pearls." Kench turned away. Her chest tight and voice cracking, "Then what do you want?" With nothing else to trade Nami wished she brought more. Tahm grinned as he looked back. "Hmmm, tell you what. How about a meal? I'll show you where to find a Stone and in return you treat me to a feast." A feast for the savior of the Marai. Nami agreed. "As soon as we are back we can give you ceremonial feast. We just need to take the Stone back as soon as..." "Slow down Missy. Old Tahm has some loose ends to tie before he can attend any ceremonial shindig. I'll show you to the Moonstone, then you head back and make preparations. I'll be there,_ eventually_. Deal?" "Deal." The two shook hands. With a grin so wide, Tahm fastened his coat. "Shall we then?" As he held out his hand. "Please," Nami held tight "Thank you."
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