How I Climbed Out Of Bronze!

I was bronze 3 at the start of the season and right now I am sitting at silver 3 and climbing, it took me a total of 126 games to climb to silver 3 with a winrate of 53%. I was sitting at 42 winning to 52 losses before I started changing my gameplay. Before I get started I would like to mention this youtube channel who has helped me climb: So here are my tips: 1. Play Smart: This might be one of the most basic things in league of legends but based on my experience, bronze players just engage whenever they want to and not considering whether the enemy's summs/abilities is on cd etc. They also need to know their champion's capabilities like if they can trade with their lane opponent and come out victorious. 2. Building Pattern: Bronze players tend to think that just because your build last game worked means it would work this game, I had a game with a zed who was 0/3 in lane against ahri and he still persisted to build a youmus instead of a maw. You guys should build depending on the situation and not carrying on from the previous game. 3. Attitude: Yes! You all heard of this before and i'm pretty sure you guys are sick of hearing it but honestly, this is one of the most important things you need to climb in league of legends. Bronze players think that their team is the one preventing them from climbing when infact it's themselves. I used to have a bronze mentality and I decided that it was not the team and it was me, so I started watching my own replays and see my mistakes and what I could improve on, ever since I started doing that i saw a stable climb and was winning like 10 games and losing like 2 games. I mean, you can give a pro player a full bronze team and they would carry, you ask why? That's because they know what to do to win the game and when to do necessary things. 4. Practice: You do not practice in norms because norms is like a mode where everyone goes to, to fuk around, you have to ranked to practice your mechanics, shot calling and the game in general. 5. /mute all: I don't know about you but I do not want any negativity in my game. Like if you die because of a stupid mistake and your support morgana starts flaming "OMG THIS SIVIR IS SO SH*T" ... "Sivir FU*K YOU AND YOUR FAMILY" etc. First thing in the game is just to type /mute all and carry on with the game. The more negativity there is, there more you respond to it, the more you get upset, the more you get tilted...the more you LOSE. 6. Just have fun: Some people take ranked too seriously like as if it is life threatening and they make the atmosphere kinda like "MAKE NO MISTAKES OR I KILL YOU" and makes everyone in their team nervous which leads to making dumb mistakes. I like to play ranked by laughing at my silly mistakes and then learning from it. Like seriously, when I was bronze I used to take ranked like it was my LIFE and there was many occasions where I could have stolen baron and I failed but after I learned to just relax and have fun I actually stole baron 3/4 times ever since I got out from my "RANKED IS MY LIFE" attitude. 7. Breaks: If you are on a losing streak then just take a break and not tilt yourself. 8. Grinding: Remember, no matter how many tip videos you gonna watch and you don't put the work in, nothing is gonna happen. I also improved by watching the youtube channel I mentioned above Before I started doing all these tips I was 42 Wins and 52 Losses and after I did the things mentioned above I went to 67 Wins to 59 Losses. That's 25 wins - 7 Losses. No such thing as elo hell and just realize that it's all about you and not your team cause there is no way you are gonna get the same team from last game, you have to learn to carry the game. There is a challenger in every single one of us ;)
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