So if I'm vsing teemo as say an auto-reliant bruiser like Camille... (or more specifically, Camille)

How do I play around his kit? Camille is a pretty crazy outplay champion but I can't seem to play around his kit, between the W's passive and active movement speed and his Blind, I can close the gap on him but I can't stick to him and subsequently with his range hes able to get 2 free attacks in on me and if I bait out the blind and then go in I land my stun and Q then he just uses W and runs away and if I go in while his passive is down he simply blinds me and walks away. Any champion-specific counters as well as general Teemo counterplay tips are welcome. is this a super difficult lane for Camille or am I just bad??? Heres the game in question, I got tilted as hell: As you can see I did rush spectre's cowl but then I just did no damage.
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