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Now before you read this know that I mean not to rant or give misinformation, as I don't care about past bans or upsets and I am a forward moving person who seeks out improvement. Why is League of Legends losing players? This game is losing players ENTIRELY because of riot's ban and honor system. Riot treats the league community like a bunch of snowflakes, "removing toxicity" which they came up with the word "toxic" as any CHAT behavior that shows frustration or discomfort. There is ABSOLUTELY no way to communicate outside of utilizing pings and muting your teamates. Any curse words in a chat log that is reported will result as a tally towards your ban. Any insults will be the same, and the report system bans grow onwards. Does Riot games encourage trolling? Indirectly, yes they do encourage trolling. You may say "but wait, they ban players who int and feed" but that's where you're wrong along with any Riot employee. Riot games does NOT ban trolls or players who intentionally feed and ruin games unless they make headlines for their trolling and inting. Their system is not made to detect trolling. But what proof is there to the fact that trolling is ok? -1 player played 250 games of intentional feeding and trolling and had absolutely no punishment. Then when he actually tried to win a few games he was permabanned for talking to his teamates in a light manner -A challenger duo played as master yi and someone else and had a 100% winrate on master yi and a 0% winrate with tahm kench and anivia to keep their games balanced. They did this for well over 600 games, 338 wins on yi and 248 games lost on tahm kench. Simply google search this one for a youtube video. After this went viral the players were banned FOR 14 DAYS!!! They are still doing this to date, but they aren't publicly known anymore so Riot doesn't care. -This is proven by the fact that you may play troll champions (not champs that aren't meta, I mean literally troll your teamates champs) such as tahm kench and anivia and wall block and eat your teamates into suicide and/or force them afk in base. I don't encourage you to go troll your games and do this, but the proof is there that you may follow your jungler around after saying "Oops I took smite instead of xxx summoner spell" and smite steal all your junglers camps and build a regular build while trolling. Then when you start to intentionally feed if you have a good attitude and tell your teamates "I'm sorry, I'm just having a bad game" when your teamates are frustrated that you're being a complete jerk and both players know you're trolling, they are at a much higher chance of being banned than you are for your trolling. They will especially be banned for making any statement about your intentional feeding as "That add's no value to the team and should not be stated" and yes, politely asking a teamate not to run it down mid is a bannable offense. Should Riot remove players who are toxic? If they are truly toxic and always rude and mean to all their teamates and carry out a constant negative attitude. This means a constant toxicity of serious negativity. This should also be toxic enough to have to go through a report system only available through an extensive process such as reporting to a riot employee or moderator who can then inspect unique reports, stopping the report system from simply allowing players to just vent frustration through reporting all their teamates after a loss. Why is Riot Games called Rito? Riot is called rito because players do not respect a company that does not respect them. The company refuses to communicate with players, balance the game in a healthy way, and update the system in progressive ways, let alone admitting any mistakes in their employed teams. To improve League of Legends, what should Riot do? -Regain the respect of their player base. -Change toxicity to a more in depth report system, effectively removing trash talk reports from the system and implementing an extensive system where a process to report a player takes a bit more effort but is also quite simple. Anyone experiencing real discomfort wouldn't hesitate to report a player but would consider the effort of reporting a player and the possible repercussions on the player and would take more time before reporting someone and every report would actually be worthy of a human reviewed response. -Allow banter and trash talk. This means calling each other noob, bad, etc to an extent. Changing this would allow a less strict policy and players could vent their frustration and enjoyment in their triumphs while also allowing Riot to ban:harassment, Racial slurs, suicide and homicide jokes + threats efficiently through human response. -Change the gameplay back to a healthier game. Defensive items should be cheap and easily accessible and defense piercing items should be a bit more expensive but much more effective. The old last wisper was MUCH MUCH better than the new last wisper. Bring back items that weren't popular. Atma's impaler, zephyr, etc. -Stop enforcing the meta ---> SERIOUSLY stop enforcing the meta. The highest mastery point singed taking smite as singed support invading and had a high winrate and was high elo was forced to stop or he would be banned. That is insane. Now the player is happily moping around in gold, unable to enjoy himself using a meta strategy he created because he's not a big figure. -Change the rank system and elo system to one in the same. Players hate having wins that give 6 lp and losses that take 35lp This simply makes the game feel more toxic and makes players feel unrewarded for winning. -Give blue essence per win again. The old system of ip per win allowed players to play to earn champs, now the essence system is rng based and every level up you might just get 2-3 90 blue essence champions or 3 3k+ BE champs. -Punish inappropriate game play with game play punishment, and punish inappropriate chat with chat punishments. Nobody should ever be permabanned from playing a game they love and paying money towards the game they love because they trash talked some teamates. This is behavior that exists in all competitive games. Denying this cuts into company profits as the more bans given the less likely a player is to spend money on an account. -Talk to players that main champions and exhibit serious amounts of devotion towards a champion. They may give great insight into the balancing of a specific champion. -Talk to high elo players and low elo players and see if there is a way to balance a champion and buff them through the skill on the champion rather than generically buffing their kits and stats. What should Riot do? Riot should change the punishment system to something players would love. Stop worrying about the "TOXIC" words used in chat and address the actual players forcing these people to give off a toxic vibe. Nobody wants to tell their teamates to go kill themselves or that they're trash, or that they are hitlers, but when a player runs it down mid the other 4 players get the penalty, trash talk the inter, and FURTHER MORE get penalized even more from the ban system. This needs to be changed. I myself don't play "TOXIC" anymore but I do think the fact that I need to mute all my teamates every game is a sad mechanic added to the league of legends game. -Riot needs to allow players to remake a game at any point a player is afk for more than a minute after the regular remake time and penalize that player + create a ranked ban. Overall stop allowing trolls to reign supreme and punishing chat.
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